7 Ways To Fake A Fuller Looking Ponytail

As a woman with fine, thin hair, I know how hard it can be to style a simple ponytail. With my hair type, ponytails seem to look a bit lackluster on me. While this hairstyle can look completely sexy and luscious on some, I end up looking like a small child. But no more! It's time to figure out how to fake a fuller looking ponytail when you have thin hair. No more sad, limp 'dos that fall out moments after you secure them with an elastic. Not only are these hacks guaranteed to stay put, but they're also guaranteed to turn heads. Say hello to your next good hair day.

Personally, I love how easy these hacks are to follow. I'm not usually one to go crazy with my hairstyles, so having simple, reliable steps makes life that much easier. All you need is a few tools that are probably already in your arsenal. No need to splurge if you don't have too. While they may seem like an effortless style, flat, limp ponytails are the worst. Win back your hairstyle confidence by learning exactly how to craft a stylish, thicker looking ponytail.

1. The Double Pony Trick

Danielle Lisa on YouTube

Amp up the volume by adding in an extra ponytail. While it may seem a little odd, the extra 'do add height to the hairstyle. Simply tease the strands, and wrap an extra lock around the elastics for a polished look.

2. "X" Marks The Spot

Glamrs.com on YouTube

Bobby pins are an amazing way to give your ponytail a bit of lift. Simply cross two bobby pins in an "x" formation. In order to give the style extra hold, spray the pins with some hairspray to give them extra grip.

3. Be A Tease

LustreLux on YouTube

When in doubt, start teasing. Begin by spraying individual section of hair with hairspray, and then proceed to backcomb the hair toward the root. After completely sections around the crown, smooth the top section of hair, and pull into a ponytail.

4. Add Your Own Poof

Howcast on YouTube

While this may seem like a normal ponytail in the beginning, wait until the end. I love how the stylist adds volume, texture, and dimension to the look by backcombing the ends of the hair. It looks completely sensational.

5. Give Some Lip

Kayley Melissa on YouTube

Lipstick? Too poof up a ponytail? You have to see it to believe it.

6. Get Stacking

SunKissAlba on YouTube

This is a great trick for those who not only want fuller looking ponytails, but also want longer looking locks.

7. Fake It Until You Make

MakeupByAlli on YouTube

When in doubt, reach for hair extensions to give yourself ample thickness. While this may not be cheapest option, it does do wonders for your ponytail.

Never feel self conscious about your bland ponytail ever again. Amp up your look by pumping up the volume for thicker looking hair.