11 Amazing No-Heat Beachy Hair Tutorials

It's my first year post-college, so I'm seriously mourning the spring break that was part of my life for the last 12 years. From a stereotypical beach week in Gulf Shores, Alabama to a week-long tour of Budapest and Prague during my semester abroad, I've always loved planning a big trip with friends for sometime in March. This year, I'm heading to the warm beaches of Barcelona for a family trip, and I had to find some beachy no-heat hair tutorials that were perfect before my vacation.

Considering I'm traveling to Europe, the last thing I want to do is haul my blowdryer, curling irons, and straightener (along with adaptors) with me just so I can style my hair. And, because Barcelona is a beach town, I plan to use air drying and sea salt spray to my hair to get perfect beachy waves. However, I know I'll get bored with just one hairstyle, so I needed at least a few to choose from. From beachy waves to fun braids, there are so many fun no-heat hairstyles beyond basic air-dried waves. And the added bonus? Air drying your hair is one of the best ways to prevent damage, split ends and breakage.

Check out these 11 no-heat hair tutorials that are perfect for spring break, no matter where you're going.

1. Plopping Curls

If you have curly hair, this plopping curl tutorial is perfect for you. It'll help you get perfect, frizz-free heat-free curls.

2. Heatless Waves

I'm obsessed with how sleek these beachy waves look. I'll definitely be trying this technique out.

3. Stretched Hair

Love the voluminous curls from this video and the fact that it shows not one but four hairstyles.

4. Easy Beach Waves

This tutorial uses a cool braiding technique to get perfect beachy waves, and it looks amazing.

5. No-Heat Voluminous Waves

If I'm looking for a voluminous look during my trip, I'm turning to this tutorial stat.

6. Short Beach Waves

If your hair isn't mermaid-long, this tutorial is perfect for you. It's designed for gals with shorter hair.

7. Heatless Short Waves

Another tutorial perfect for shorter hair, this tutorial gives hair such a fun texture.

8. Textured Messy Ponytail

I love wearing my hair down, but when I'm hot, I immediately put my hair up. This tutorial helps you look great when you get hot.

9. Beachwave Ponytail

I love the dutch braid from this fun tutorial. It's a perfect look for when you want to put your hair up but still want to do something special.

10. Fishtail Ponytail

OK, yes — technically this vlogger uses a curling iron for the front pieces of her hair, but that's not totally necessary. I'm obsessed with the heat-free part of this chic fishtail/ponytail combo.

11. Heatless Boho Waves

This heatless style gives you serious mermaid waves, and I'm obsessed.

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Image: Camille Collazo/YouTube; Unsplash/Pixabay