Here's What's In Kris Jenner's Jewelry Collection

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters had to inherit their enviable stylishness from someone. Obviously, the family's resident momager Kris Jenner passed her fashion sense on to her five daughters, who then siphoned from that DNA and ultimately crafted their own unique looks. However, the Kris Jenner Signature Collection jewelry line offers a more focused view of the matriarch's personal style. Jenner's jewelry range is actually super wearable, rather affordable, completely classic, and will translate to her many fans and perhaps even a few haters. Yes, it's that good. What does Kris Jenner's jewelry collection include?

There are lots of pearls, in necklace and earring form! Right now, there are two sets, featuring a pearl necklace and pearl earrings, with two distinct aesthetics and points of view.

The 45-inch, Majorca pearl endless necklace isn't any ol' pearl necklace you could borrow from your grandmother's jewelry box. Rather, it's constructed in a combo of rare colors: gray, Tahitian black, white, champagne, and oro.

Currently, you can also nab a free pair of Majorca pearl earrings, which are worth $55, with this necklace. So, for just $149.99, you get the long and lovely necklace, which can be layered with others or twisted around the wrist as a bracelet, and earrings!

Ooh! That means you get multiple looks and styling options for one decent price.

You could double loop this necklace for a chunkier, trendier look. Or layer it with other pieces you already own for a boho chic vibe.

Or you could wrap the necklace around your wrist as a multi-colored bracelet, instead. The fact that it's several hues give this piece depth. It is multi-functional, making it a nice, inexpensive investment piece, since you can wear it in a variety of ways.

This Barrel Baroque pearl necklace is choker-like and much more classic. Those drop earrings are also being offered for free. So it's two-fer on which you don't want to snooze. You'd certainly want to wear this necklace with a dressier ensemble or to a formal event. ($148,

I know what you are thinking. You're going, "Wow! Kris Jenner's jewelry collection is pretty and wearable." That's because it is pretty and wearable.

Images: Kris Jenner Collection (3)