Kendall Jenner Went Blonde For Balmain

Since she's a VIP member of the #BalmainArmy, it's no surprise that this model walked the label's ready-to-wear show at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday — but little did I know that she'd be drastically changing up her look to do it. That's right, Kendall Jenner is blonde at Balmain. But are her new platinum strands for real?

From what I can tell so far, Jenner's just rocked a blonde wig for the Balmain show. So don't start hyperventilating just yet, because your favorite brunette likely still has her natural hair color going on underneath that. That said, I like this temporary change on Jenner. There's no doubt she's rocking the look, wig or no wig. The platinum locks look amazing against her olive skin, and contrast well with her darker features. Plus, the voluminous wig gives her a sexy, mysterious vibe which looks great alongside the sexy clothes Balmain typically shows on the runway. While I always appreciated her refreshing loyalty to her natural dark brown strands, especially in comparison to hair chameleon little sister Kylie, the blonde is definitely fierce.

But enough of my babbling. Let's take a look a look at Jenner with her latest lightened 'do, shall we?

This short video posted by Harper's Bazaar before the show gives us a glimpse of the blonde wig in action.

And yes, that's BFF Gigi Hadid in a brunette wig right next to her. Yup, they switched! Perhaps there is an "opposites attract" theme for this collection? Based on this runway snap by Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times, the line is definitely beautiful.

Friedman also tweeted confirmation that the 'do is indeed a wig, so rest easy, brunette Jenner fans!

Jenner has been outspoken about not liking to dye her eyebrows for fashion shows, but this is wig so it's low fuss!

This isn't the first time Jenner has changed her hair for work, though. Check out these five other times she switched up her hair color for magazine covers, spreads, and runway shows.

1. Blonde

Remember when Jenner posted this Instagram photo and gave off major Barbie vibes with her blonde strands?

2. Bright Pink

This pink wig selfie definitely seems very Kylie-influenced, no?

3. Pastel Pink

Another pink wig selfie! There's no doubt she can make it look fierce.

4. Cropped

When Jenner covered Vogue Brasil in January of this year, she rocked a cropped black 'do that had people wondering if she chopped off her long locks. Alas, she did not.

5. Blonde, Again

Jenner may be more of an experienced blonde than you may think! She rocked a super platinum look for Vogue in an Alice In Wonderland inspired shoot late last year.

Blonde, pink, or brown hair — Jenner can rock them all.

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