Literary Artist Creates Beautiful Cups And Saucers Made From Old Books

Transforming literature into works of art is all the rage right now, and artist Cecilia Levy is putting her own stamp on the trend by turning old books into cups and saucers. You might not actually want to drink out of them — but you're definitely going to want these gorgeous pieces on your own kitchen table. Especially if the Mad Hatter ever comes for tea.

Book-lovers who gasp at the thought of harming a book: Levy used to be a bookbinder, so she's a bit of an expert when it comes to the art of creating books. Don't think of this as a book being destroyed. Instead, Levy gives them a new form, and a new way to tell their stories: the written word becomes a striking decoration; comic books lend a splash of color and excitement. Using the same loving care with which she once put books together, she's now taking it to the next step: taking books apart, and turning them into something even more beautiful. (I know, I know. What's more beautiful than a book, right? But just you wait until you see what Cecilia Levy does with them.)

Check out some of these gorgeously readable pieces. I wonder if she ever drinks Novel Tea out of them...

Images: Courtesy of Cecilia Levy