Where Is Hook On 'Once Upon A Time'? Hades May Be Holding His Soul Captive

You'd think that being dead would be stressful enough, but it seems as though Once Upon a Time 's version of the Underworld has many different ways to make its inhabitants suffer — and our favorite pirate appears to be getting the absolute of it. During Team Swan's trip to the beyond, they come upon many different characters who have long since been deceased: Cora, Peter Pan, etc. However, the person that they actually for, is the one that seems to be the most well hidden of the bunch. You see, Hook is missing in the Underworld, which doesn't exactly bode well in regards to his rescue mission and I have a terrible feeling that Hades is somehow behind it all.

When knocking on doors and asking for Hook's whereabouts didn't seem to help, Rumple decided it would be best to go right to the source and got his hands on a potion that — upon sprinkling it on the subject's grave — would allow them to talk directly to Hook himself, so he could inform them of his exact location. Sounds like a pretty solid plan, right? The only problem is that upon doing that, the Hook that appeared before them seemed to be a pretty rough shape. He'd clearly been beaten to a pulp and was unable to tell them anything other than the fact that he was not enjoying his stay in the Underworld.

That's where I think Hades fits into all of this. We were only given a brief glimpse of the ruler of the Underworld, but it's clear that he is not happy that people are trying to remove souls from his domain. He wants them gone before they can do anymore damage, which means he's probably keeping a very close eye on the person they're trying to save. I'm betting Hades is holding Hook captive and has been torturing him for information.

Granted, I don't have any actual proof to back up this claim, mind you, since Hook could legitimately be anywhere down there. But when it comes to rescuing him, Hades would be the biggest obstacle in their path. If Emma really wants Hook back, I have a feeling she's going to have to make a deal with the devil himself. Let's just hope she won't end up agreeing to something that she'll later come to regret.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC