MAC x Charlotte Olympia Is Coming Your Way

by Augusta Statz

When this accessory designer decides to go the makeup route, you better start counting your blessings, because it’s not everyday you can afford something she’s designed! That’s the case for me, at least, and probably many of her biggest fans. When will Charlotte Olympia's MAC collection be available to shop? You don’t have to wait for long, because the products go on sale online on March 17 and in stores on March 24.

The extensive collection is all about retro glamour and contains everything from an eyelash curler to an ultra chic carrying case. What else would you tote all of these amazing items around in, after all? Because trust me, you’re going to want one of everything this collection has to offer. Given that cute accessories are Olympia’s specialty (y’all know of her adorable Kitty flats, right?) it comes as no surprise that the packaging for this line is on-point. I mean, I’d buy it for that alone. But once you notice that inside of these incredible lipstick tubes there are deeply pigmented, beautiful lipsticks, you'll fall in love even more.

If you have an appreciation for Charlotte Olympia, old-school glamour, MAC Cosmetics, or for heaven's sake, makeup in general, you’re going to swoon over this collection. Just take a peek at of some of the products and see what I mean.

I'll take it all!

1. Blotting Wipes

Remove excess oil in the cutest way possible with these brilliantly packaged wipes.

2. Classic Lipstick

Be glamorous with this "Leading Lady" lipstick shade, why don't you?

3. Nail Lacquer

You mustn't forget to slick some rouge colored polish on your nails, of course.

4. Makeup Bag

There's no better way to carry your most precious beauty products.

5. Liquid Eyeliner

Really channel a different era with a bold cat eye.

6. Eyelash Curler

Long, perfectly curled lashes will complete your retro beauty look.

You now know exactly how you're going to achieve the most accurate old-school glam makeup you've been longing for. All that's left to do now is wait.

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Images: Courtesy MAC Cosmetics (8); Giphy (1)