Did Donald Trump Make An Oral Sex Joke About Mitt Romney?

Just when you thought the race to the bottom that is the Republican presidential nomination process couldn't hit a new low, The Donald may have managed to have done so on Thursday. Some on Twitter are accusing the GOP front-runner of making a lewd joke about how Mitt Romney would have performed oral sex on him. But if such a remark seems too crass even for Trump, you may be right. Did Donald Trump make an oral sex joke about Romney?

Hours after Romney gave a scorching speech denouncing Trump as a "phony" and a "fraud," Trump responded with his own characteristically refined and tactful remarks at an event in Portland, Maine. "I backed Mitt Romney," he said, referring to his endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor during his 2012 presidential run. "You can see how loyal he is. He was begging for my endorsement. I could've said, 'Mitt, drop to your knees.' He would've dropped to his knees." With the "drop to your knees" part, the crowd whooped and shouted like the audience of The Jerry Springer Show (which is not totally dissimilar from Trump's presidential campaign).

Considering Trump's history with bombastic and crude comments that defy pretty much any previous presidential contender mudslinging, some were quick to interpret Trump's remark as a not-so-subtle oral sex joke.

Trump hasn't commented on the nature of the comment. Others on Twitter have also pointed out that "drop to your knees" is not explicitly an oral sex reference. New York's Jonathan Chait pointed out that the remark "might have referred to oral sex, but might not. Kneeling signifies prostration in nonsexual contexts."

Still, others pointed out on Twitter that the teasing ambiguity was incriminating in and of itself, regardless of whether Trump was aiming to make a specific oral sex jab.

Nod-and-wink crass remarks are a certain specialty of Trump's. They allow him to make outrageous comments, convey an insult, and then backtrack and claim that everyone else has their minds in the gutter. Case in point: his Megyn Kelly "blood" comment. Trump attacked Kelly for the questions she asked during the Fox News presidential debate in August (also known as doing her job), telling CNN's Don Lemon, "You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever."

A few days later, Trump insisted that he was not implying that Kelly was menstruating, and dismissed anyone who construed his comments as such. "Do you think I'd make a statement like that? Who would make a statement like that? Only a sick person would even think about that," Trump told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Based on his track record, Trump will find a way to spin his latest jab at Romney. And to his credit, Romney predicted that Trump would take swings at him. During his speech, he said, "Attacking me as he [Trump] surely will won’t prove him any less of a phony." If anything, Trump's new comments have only proved him to be more of one.