'Once Upon A Time' Season 6 Is Officially Happening, So Prepare For More Fairytale Characters

It looks like a certain ABC show isn't getting its "happy ending" — at least, not yet. As reported by TVLine on Thursday, Once Upon A Time has been renewed for Season 6, which means that the spellbinding series will live on one more day, not unlike Rumple, who seems to have had his own fair share of revivals. The fairytale-centric series, which will begin airing the second half of Season 5 on Sunday, March 6, uses each season to introduce new storybook-influenced characters, places, and plots, and this season alone borrowed from several beloved tales. Merida (a character first originated in Disney's Brave), King Arthur, and Merlin have all made appearances in Season 5, and the second half of the season will introduce several characters from Disney's Hercules as well. Given everything happening in Season 5, the renewal of Once Upon A Time means one thing: we're going to see even more fairytale characters next season.

Though we have no idea what Season 6 has in store for our characters, if it follows the same trajectory that all other seasons of Once Upon A Time have so far, we're likely going to be exploring a familiar world that is brand-new to the show. Crazily enough, a spoiler from TVLine suggests that this world could be one from The Lion King. According to TVLine, Once Upon A Time is looking to cast two brothers. According to TVLine's Michael Ausiello, who released the spoiler, they are described as being very different: "one [brother] is physically imposing, brutish, morally corrupt and willing to destroy his family in the pursuit of power, and the other [brother] is weaker and desperate to escape his older bro’s sinister shadow." Ausiello's theory is that these two bros could be Once Upon A Time's version of Scar and Mufasa, as the world of The Lion King is one we haven't yet explored.

Of course, only time will tell what is to come on the new season of Once Upon A Time. Fortunately, the good news is this: we're getting a lot more of it.

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