What Your Favorite Original Power Ranger Said About You In The '90s & Today

Big news, anyone who grew up in the '90s and liked awesome things: Though you may not have noticed that your old favorite television series Power Rangers has had a 23 season run back in the day, you're sure to notice that it's now getting an upcoming reboot movie. Let me repeat that again for the people in the back row: Power Rangers is getting a reboot movie in 2017 with an all new cast of teenage heroes. In fact, the first photo of the new Power Rangers has just been released, and it's blasting me back to the days when we all used to argue who the best Power Ranger was.

The argument seems like forever ago, truth be told, because while the series is an aforementioned 23 seasons deep (how) the OG Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dates all the way back to 1993 — aka, roughly five-ever ago. For what it's worth, Power Rangers made for a classic Saturday morning show. The best thing about this reboot, as Entertainment Weekly points out, is that it intends to focus on diversity in the cast while avoiding — as the magazine puts it — "race-based color assignments." That's awesome, and makes me even more excited to see the new film.

All of this reboot talk has made me totally nostalgic for the old series, and has mee thinking about who my favorite Power Ranger was. After all, who you loved best said a lot about you — especially back in the day.

So, in honor of the first photo from the reboot, let's throw it back and look to the original Power Rangers, and what your favorite said about you.

Jason — The Red Ranger

If you were a fan of the Red Ranger, then it's very possible that you were... or are... way into jocks. Whether that means you had a crush on whoever was the best t-ball player when you were in first grade or you dated the football team quarterback when you were in high school, you value physical strength, athletic prowess, and leadership qualities in your partners. Probably because you're kind of a HBIC yourself amongst your own group of friends.

Trini — The Yellow Ranger

If you were a fan of the Yellow Ranger, it was in part because you didn't want to start any trouble when your best friend wanted to be the Pink Ranger during recess. To be honest, that was kind of fine with you; you don't really like to be the center of attention. Don't get me wrong, though, you're no pushover, — and when you have a cause you believe in, people certainly hear about it.

You know, on Facebook. But it's still something.

Kimberly — The Pink Ranger

You were the girliest girl in girldom, a veritable poster child of '90s femininity. You used milky pens to write notes on Lisa Frank stationary and you were the first girl in your class to own one of those stretch bubble tees (in baby pink, of course). You're still quite girly, it's just less exaggerated these days.

Zack — The Black Ranger

You have a pretty great sense of humor and you use it to leverage your social position. You're also deathly afraid of spiders, but that is an entirely different thing.

Billy — The Blue Ranger

You run a very successful Doctor Who Tumblr. And we are all very proud of you.

Tommy — The Green And White And Black Dino And... Everything Power Ranger

You're different from being a leader... you march to the beat of your own drum. Now, sometimes that quality makes you seem a bit arrogant — even cruel — but you can't help it that you've learned to excel in many different areas as you stray from your core social group. You're a unique snowflake. Just watch that you don't become legitimately arrogant.

We still have a year to see if this new cast of kids can live up to the original crew, but I'm psyched to see what they can do. It is, without question, morphing time.

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