Frank Is In Danger On 'House Of Cards'

Who here has personally felt victimized by Frank Underwood? (You can't see it, but all of fictional Washington D.C. just raised their hands. Also, House of Cards Episode 4 spoilers ahead!) Yes, this character has certainly made a lot of enemies for himself during that long climb up the political ladder, so it really shouldn't have come as that big of a surprise when Lucas Goodwin shot Frank on House of Cards right in the middle of a public protest. And yet, that's exactly what I was: shocked. I honestly didn't think Lucas had it in him, but I guess this just goes to show what happens when a person reaches their breaking point. So what does this mean going forward? Will Frank actually die on House of Cards ? I wouldn't take him out of the running just yet.

If there's one thing we've come to know about Frank it's that he's incredibly resourceful. Heck, he could probably talk a bear out of eating him if it ever came down to it. (So long as that particular bear spoke english, of course.) What I'm trying to say here is that Frank is one of the most resilient characters I've ever come across, so I highly doubt a little bullet is going to do it him permanently. Plus, there's the small fact that this series is based around him, and considering that House of Cards has already been renewed for a fifth season, it seems unlikely that they'd kill him off this early. The death of Frank Underwood would deserve a finale-level type of cliffhanger.

But that doesn't mean that his road to recovery is going to be easy by any means. In fact, I bet it'll be quite some time before we see him back on his feet again (at least in a non-flash black or hallucination-type capacity). So that's definitely bound to have a major impact on the story's trajectory. As per protocol the Vice President will have step into the role of "Acting President" while Frank is in surgery, which makes the White House an easy target both inside and outside of its walls. Donald Blythe is a nice guy, but he seems like he could easily be manipulated and end up creating a ton of problems upon the president's return. So while I'm sure that physically, Frank will be on the mend, I'm less sure about his political ambitions. When this is all over, a gunshot wound may be the least of his worries.

Image: Netflix