Tituss Burgess Has An Amazing Announcement

If you're a fan of the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — and you should be, because it's amazing — then you may remember that one of the best moments of the first season came when the hilarious character Titus Andromedon made a music video titled "Peeno Noir." In the show, the video was a hilariously epic display of a man trying to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true, even if his dreams were a bit over the top. Well, in the spirit of the show and the music video, the real man behind the character, Tituss Burgess, is now selling his own brand of pinot noir — and it looks just as amazing as the music video itself was.

On Thursday, Burgess revealed via his Instagram account that he would be selling his own brand of pinot noir called Pinot By Tituss — according to the bottle, it's a Santa Barbara County 2014 blend. In typical Titus Andromedon fashion, the video is classy with just a touch of awkward, so it's really the perfect accompaniment to the show.

Burgess is not the first star to blend the lines of fiction and reality to profit off of an established character. In fact, celebrities and shows tend to do it all the time — and why not! It is a benefit to the stars selling products based off of their characters, and allows the fans a way to interact with some of their favorite elements of a character — in a non-creepy way of course.

Celebrities are always taking advantage of prime opportunities like this, it's the reason they're so rich. The greatest example might be that of Neil Patrick Harris, who released a book titled Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography , which is basically like his character Barney from How I Met Your Mother in book form.

I believe this will be a fruitful venture for Burgess — especially considering the first thing that happens when you enter his site is that it asks you if you're over 21, and you have to click either "No" or "Yassss." I mean, it's responsible and hilarious, and that's basically a win in my book. I'm looking forward to seeing all the products that are in store for Titus Andromedon — and, possibly Burgess in the future — once Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt drops on Netflix on April 15.