The Pros And Cons Of Black Light Tattoos

When it comes to getting a black light tattoo, there are many things to consider beyond placement and design. In fact, there's almost a checklist that you need to go through to make sure that this type of ink is right for you. As we all know, black light tattoos can be stunning, however, they aren't always right for everyone. Get your facts straights before the appointment by consulting with your tattoo artist beforehand. Having a pre-consultation will allow both yourself and the artist to understand your own needs prior to getting inked. Basically, it'll add peace of mind to everyone involved.

Before you get a black light tattoo, you should really understand what it is. Essentially, these tattoos require a different ink that contains chemicals that react under black lights. These differ from "glow-in-the-dark" tattoos as they require that UV light in order to glow, whereas the former only require the lack of light. Like any tattoo, this ink requires time to heal, and may leave behind scarring on the skin. Chat with your tattoo artist about the healing time in order to get an understanding about how exactly your tattoo will look in the end. Wondering what else you should consider before getting a black light tattoo? Here is a list of pros and cons to getting a black light tattoo.


They Are Stunning

Just look how gorgeous they are! These tattoos definitely make a strong statement.

They Are Nearly Invisible To The Naked Eye

After they fully heal, UV tattoos can become almost invisible to the naked eye, according to This is a perfect option for someone working in the corporate sector, or would like to keep their tattoos a bit more private.


Cost More & Take Longer

According to the tattoo blog,, these tattoos generally cost more due to the special ink that's being used. As this trend is still becoming more and more popular, not every tattoo parlor may carry the ink, and if they do, they may only have a limited supply. This in turn drives up the cost. The blog also states that the process takes longer, because the artist has to make several passes over the design to ensure that the ink adheres properly like any other tattoo.

Consider Your Artist

As this trend is still new, be sure to do your research before booking an appointment. The artist should be skilled in this type of tattooing as it is different from traditional tattoos. According to, the UV ink is thinner, and therefore, harder to work with. Even if it means getting on a waitlist, it's worth it for the stunning end result.

It Takes Time To Become "Invisible"

UV tattoos are only invisible after the healing process has completely. This means that your ink will still be visible (or at least the outlines) for at least 12-18 months, according to

How Often Are You Really Under Black Lights?

Unless you're a total raver or carry around a tiny blacklight (do those even exist), then you may not get full use out of your cool new tattoo. Keep this under consideration before you take the plunge.

Getting a tattoo is a completely unique and personal experience. Everyone has a different reaction to their own inked designs. If you decide to get a blacklight tattoo, consider all of the pros and cons before you head to your appointment.