Hillary Clinton's Response To Fox News' GOP Debate Really Says It All

If there's not an app for that, there's at least got to be a Hillary Clinton GIF for it. Thanks to her public-facing scandals like Benghazi and email-gate, Clinton has become one of the Internet's favorite jokes — but it's good to know that the former secretary of state can appreciate — and use — the humor herself. On Thursday, Clinton responded to the GOP debate that took place in Detroit by tweeting what plenty of followers were bound to be thinking.

In Detroit, Michigan, four Republican candidates for president took the stage: front-runner Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who is actually from Detroit, did not take the stage, as he had hinted earlier in the week that he would likely end his campaign for president after disappointing showings in the primaries and caucuses so far. The candidates who were on stage talked about everything from immigration to Mitt Romney. Although it was the smallest debate roster by far for the Republican side of the race, the drama was not fractioned in the slightest. In her SMH-esque response, Clinton seemed to take note of the drama, which at this point is to be expected.

Clinton also used the debate to bring up her latest campaign tagline. In the wake of Trump's promises to make America great again and to build a wall at the southern border, which Mexico will supposedly pay for, she has vowed to break down the barriers that separate Americans, be they gender, race, socioeconomic status, or citizenship. In short, Clinton has said she hopes to "make America whole again." Her campaign reiterated this notion during the debate, as Republican candidates battled it out over divisive issues like immigration and how to best fight ISIS.

Throughout her tweets, Clinton seemed focus not just on the GOP debate, but on one candidate in particular: Trump. She seems to think that Trump is her biggest competition for the White House at the moment, although we're still several months out from this summer's nominating conventions. She also seems to have a plan for beating him, and it includes strongly worded tweets with cool graphics.

Nothing about Clinton's response to the debate was unexpected, as she stuck to the talking points she's used before. Still, it's nice to see that she — or maybe it's just her campaign — has a sense of humor about the relevant memes and GIFs that have been inspired by her. And let's be honest: If you watched Thursday's debate, you probably shook your head in frustration a few times as well.