Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso Has A New Book

Sophia Amoruso is a certified badass. Not only is she the founder and owner of cult favorite e-commerce site Nasty Gal, but she's also an author. And now, Sophia Amoruso's second book, called Nasty Galaxy, will be coming out, so you can get your inner #GIRLBOSS out by reading tips from the OG herself.

In February, news broke that Amoruso's first book, #GIRLBOSS, was being turned into a Netflix show and I could not have been more excited. Not only is Amoruso a style babe, but her confidence, business intelligence, and finesse make her just about one of the coolest ladies out there on the style front. Amoruso's memoir will be turned into a comedy series, and will be produced by Charlize Theron's company, Denver & Delilah, according to Racked.

"The show will bring to life Amoruso's tale of dumpster-diving and eBaying her way to a fashion empire, and 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon's going to write the #Girlboss pilot. Theron, Cannon, Amoruso, and Laverne McKinnon will executive produce the series," Racked reports. If this doesn't sound hilarious to you, I don't even know what to say.

And now, after this rad announcement, we hear that she's coming out with her second book, which is a coffee table book, reportedly. Get your wallets ready — you're going to want to read this one. Though, if you haven't yet picked up the first, I recommend starting with that! And get your Amoruso binge on.

I mean, how cool is this cover? It's practically art. I would keep this out in my apartment to decorate. Mother NY is the creative agency behind the cover's awesome design.

A little peek in what's inside the book. (Genius, if I may say so myself.)

And naturally, her fans are pretty excited.

So how do you get your hands on this precious book? It come out on October 4, but if you're an over eager beaver, you can preorder it here!

I'm truly obsessed with Amoruso's unabashed confidence, when it comes to both her style and her attitude. And I know her new book will be filled with inspiration. BRB, preordering my copy right now.

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