Christian Bale Wasn't Feeling His Batman Role

It seems as if Christian Bale has given his blessing when it comes to Ben Affleck taking over the role of Batman in DC Comics' upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice release. However, it's not coming in the conventional way that you might expect. Instead of just putting on the table what the role entails, Bale is breaking every hardcore fan of The Dark Knight trilogy's heart. He's downplaying his own performance. That's right, Christian Bale did not love his performance as Batman. Try not to cry.

The bar he set for himself seemed to have been way higher than all of our fan expectations when the each of the three films came out. “I didn’t quite manage what I hoped I would throughout the trilogy,” he said in an interview with Yahoo! Movies, “Chris [Nolan] did, but my own sense of self is like, ‘I didn’t quite nail it.’” And it turns out that working alongside the late Heath Ledger was just as intimidating as you might expect. “Heath turned up and just kind of completely ruined all my plans. Because I went, he’s so much more interesting than me and what I’m doing." Crazy, right? I'm pretty sure that all of us fans would never have guessed that Bale had any insecurities about his role, considering what a runaway hit those films were. But, now when I think about it, acting alongside Heath's Joker does seem like quite the challenge.

If it wasn't for Heath, then Christian says he may have played more into the "dark, messed up character" that Bruce Wayne actually is. “I found when I put on the suit, I felt like, ‘I just feel like a bloody idiot if I don’t use this as a means of... It’s his true monstrous self that he allows to come out in that moment. Let’s do that,’” Bale said of his first thoughts on the character. But will Bale use his insecurities to reprise just the role we're hoping he does? "That's enough. Enough's enough. I've got nothing more to offer," he says. And now my heart is completely shattered.

However, it seems as if Christian knows just as well as I do that DC Comics has already moved on to their next chapter. And his thoughts on Ben Affleck taking on the role are nothing but positive. "Everyone brings their own element to that -- Ben [Affleck] will do that as well," Bale told ET in an exclusive interview, "I think the trailers are looking great and I'm looking forward to that." And with all of that final fan closure, it's time now for Batman fans to shine that Bat signal and welcome the next Bruce Wayne. Because, whether you like it or not, Ben Affleck will be swooping into theaters as the Caped Crusader on March 25. But, let's be real. You'll probably like it.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy