Tom Hammerschmidt On 'House Of Cards' Is Picking Up Where Zoe & Lucas Left Off, So The President Better Watch Out

Almost as if he learned nothing from Zoe Barnes and Lucas Goodwin's deaths, House Of Cards ' reporter Tom Hammerschmidt is on Frank Underwood's case. Season 4 Episodes 1-11 spoilers ahead: The former Washington Herald editor has returned to the show in Season 4 to pick up where Zoe and Lucas left off, and Tom is dedicated to bringing Frank down for all those crimes he keeps getting away with. While I respect his mission — someone should pay for all those deaths — I think Tom's a little in over his head.

Although he attempted to enlist the helps of former reporter Janine Skorsky, and he seems to have Heather Dunbar and Remy Danton on his side, he's also a little hasty to involve himself in dangerous situations. Dude has one of those creepy walls with pictures of Zoe and string connecting newspaper articles together and everything. He seems a tad unhinged and obsessed and we all know what happened to Lucas when Frank's case eventually cracked him. It didn't end well.

At one point in Episode 11, Tom even gets beaten up by Freddy Hayes for trying to get him to inform on the president. Frank Underwood is not someone you mess with, and reporters don't really have the best track record when it comes to him. But, Hammerschmidt seems like the kind of guy who's not willing to go down without a fight. So, he may lose his life or his credibility or both at some point, but maybe Frank's injustices will finally be exposed in the process. And, that's certainly something worth fighting for.

Image: Netflix