What to Wear on Valentine's Day? A Dress for Every Possible Scenario

The season of love isn't always hearts and roses. For many, February 14 kind of sucks. There are tons of possibilities for why you might be counting the seconds until Valentine's Day is over and we can all finish out the miserable month of February in peace. Maybe you're recovering from a brutal breakup. Maybe your significant other is allergic to chocolate hearts and sentimentality. Maybe you just hate Hallmark. But no matter how much you loathe Valentine's Day, it is still a day. Which means you need to get dressed for it. Here are the outfits you'll need on hand for every possible V-day scenario. Whatever happens, you have just the dress for that.

You Have a Hot Date... With Someone New

You’re only three dates in, and yet you’re are diving right into the deep end and spending Valentine’s Day together. This lace-paneled dress is both sweet and edgy. The tight bodice shows off some curves but the flared out skirt keeps things comfy. Best of all, the blush color gives a nod to traditional V-day shades without making it seem like you’re trying too hard. Bonus points if you can rock that bold lip shade.

Must-Have Paneled Lace Dress, $24.80,

This is Your Umpteenth V-Day Together

When you’re the couple that’s been together forever, it’s important to keep ‘em guessing. This number is conservative in the front, but the plunging back is such a sexy surprise that it packs a powerful punch. The flirty black bow doesn’t hurt, either.

Miu Miu Open-back Cady Dress, $2,055,

You're Newly Single and 'Dating Yourself'

Sometimes you’re the kind of single that involves taking yourself out to cute dinners and eating ice cream cones and Instagramming pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge in the name of self-discovery. For that kind of V-day, we recommend this scarf print dress. It’s flattering, but not body-hugging, short enough show off some leg, and long-sleeved (it is February, after all). Plus a button-down dress always gives off a layer of just-don’t-care nonchalance.

Scarf Print Shirt Dress, $22.80,

Bar-Hopping with Your Girl Friends

So you’re making an evening of it with your lady-friends. Whether you’re searching for a mate or not, you’ll want to look hot if you’re doing the bar crawl on Valentine’s Day. Body-con is great, as it shows off your curves. This dress features a mirrored neckline, making it more fashion-forward than your typical body-hugging number.

Markus Lupfer Jeweled Body-Conscious Dress with Mirror Necklace, $351.86,

Staying Home to Binge-Watch 'Parks & Rec' and Eat Ice Cream

You hate Valentine’s Day and all things love and this year you just can’t be bothered. If you’re staying inside to cry into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, please don’t do it in your pajamas. A black and white oversized shirt dress is as soft as your favorite sweatshirt, but it won’t make you feel like an ogre who can’t be seen in public.

Oversized Shirt, $24.95,

It's Your First V-day Together

So you guys are definitely serious, but this will be your first Valentine’s Day as a couple. They’ve already seen you in your toothpaste-stained pajamas, but that doesn’t mean you should slack for fancy dinners out. But it does mean you can have a little fun with it! This Alice + Olivia frock is quirky; despite the modest neckline, the pouty lip print and flouncy skirt make it a smart, sexy choice.

Pout Fitted Pouf Dress, $698,

You Might Run Into Your Last Important Ex

So you’re not over it, but he’s still in your circle and there’s a chance you may run into him at your friend’s Anti-Valentine’s Day shindig. What to wear? This chain-embellished look from Zara. The simple cut is ultra-flattering, but in an ‘I just threw this on and oh look how sexy I am’ kind of way. Plus the subtle chain decoration says you mean business.

Dress with Chains, $79.90,

Your S.O. Can't Be Bothered

While it goes without saying that you should date people who are willing to put up with the occasional thing they hate because it matters to you, sometimes we date people for whom buying you a heart-shaped box of chocolates is out of the question. If that’s your situation, wear something that makes you feel great, like this drapey black dress. It’s sexy, but it won’t look out of place wherever the night takes you. If it makes your S.O. feel bad for depriving you of crappy seasonal candy and a romantic dinner, so be it!

Keepsake Heart Lines Dress, $149,

You're Coupled Up But, Um... Won't Be Leaving the House

For a Valentine’s Day date that stays indoors, you need the best lingerie that money can buy. That means it makes you feel like a vixen and not like an amateur pretending to star in an Agent Provocateur ad. A body suit is crazy sexy, but way more comfortable than some garter belt contraption that takes you an hour to put on.

Shadowlace Bodysuit, $88,