Express Yourself With These Homemade Emoji Waffles

by Lily Feinn

Stumped on what to make when it’s your turn to host brunch? Express yourself with these homemade emoji waffles — an easy (and inexpensive) way to impress your friends with no cooking required. These tasty breakfast treats remind us of the classic syrup smiley face pancakes we ate as kids in the ‘90s, but so much cooler. In the latest video from Rosanna Pansino’s geeky cooking show, she walks us through the simple steps necessary to make these emoji creations. They are truly the most expressive frozen waffle faces to date. And just like we can't stand to text without using emojis anymore, once you make these for breakfast, there is no going back to plain old maple syrup.

Clearly people have been hungering to translate their favorite emojis into food, as Pansino’s YouTube video already has garnered close to 700,000 views over the past two days. On Pansino’s channel “Nerdy Nummies,” she shares video tutorials showing how to make fun designs with food — using themes from sci-fi, to video games, and beyond. With her guidance, you can turn your regular pizza into a Deadpool pepperoni pizza, try a Pokémon Poké Ball parfait for dessert, or even mildly gross-out your friends with poo emoji chocolate meringue cookies. Her passion for baking has even culminated in the publishing of her very own cookbook last year.

Try out these special waffle breakfast treats and allow the food to communicate how you feel. You can make whatever emoticon your heart desires, whether it’s a smiley face, kissy face, or angry face. My morning emotions usually range from tired face, need coffee face, to a cranky face — but those are a little more difficult to make using chocolate and bananas. These waffles are so darn cute, you may feel bad eating them when the time comes.

The steps for making your new favorite breakfast friends are as follows:

Gather Supplies

You will need strawberries, blueberries, bananas, milk chocolate, and toaster waffles of choice. To make the facial features you will need a pastry bag, wax paper, and cookie cutters.

Create Chocolate Designs On Wax Paper

Print your chosen emoji faces approximately the same size as your frozen waffles. Lay the wax paper over the images and trace the features (eyebrows, glasses, mouths) with the melted chocolate in a pastry bag. Let them sit for a few minutes and harden.

Cut Adorable Fruit Shapes

While your waffles are toasting, cut your fruit into hearts, ovals, or whatever you need to make your emoji dreams come true.

Assemble Faces

Mimicking your pictures of emojis, place the fruit and chocolate pieces on top of the waffles. Now that you have finished creating these waffle creatures you may do anything from talking in their waffle voices, endowing them personalities and other human qualities, falling in love with them, and then devouring them cruelly. It's up to you!

To get the full recipe watch the video here:

Images: RosannaPansino/YouTube