Valentine's Day Outfits Worthy of Bettie Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, and Your Own Cute Self

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Holidays are one of the few excuses we have, as a society, to whole-heartedly embrace the cliché. Sparkles on New Year's Eve? A witch costume on Halloween? You're not a lemming, you're just adorably caught up in the spirit of things.

As we plan our Valentine's Day outfits, whether for our annual Love is Dark Like My Black Black Heart anti-Valentine's bash, or for an over-the-top, oysters-and-champagne dinner for two that'll have onlookers rolling their eyes, this is one day when channeling a pinup girl — whether you're a Bettie, a Marilyn, or a thoroughly modern Dita — is wholeheartedly okay.

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