5 Brow Hacks To Tide You Over Between Wax & Threading Appointments

If you're anything like me, you're probably obsessive about keeping your brows perfectly manicured (as you should be). But making it to the salon for a bi-monthly wax doesn't always happen, and sometimes a hair or two will sprout before then, leaving you nervous and annoyed. The good news? There are plenty of insider brow hacks that will tide you over between appointments.

Since brows frame our faces, they can sometimes be the make or break between looking polished and well, sloppy. Even if you aren't currently overdue for your appointment, you've probably been faced with hairs that are long enough to be seen but aren't quite long enough to pluck. While it might not be time to wax just yet, sometimes we go crazy and over-pluck. Sound familiar?

However, just because you're busy doesn't mean your perfectly-arched brows need to suffer. Some of these life-changing tools can be found at your local makeup counter and some on the shelves of the nearest drug store. Besides a great pair of tweezers, these tricks probably aren't what you already use.

Just to be clear, when it comes time for a major clean-up, you should still leave it to the professionals. These are just a few tips to prevent you from over-tweezing and make your re-growth a little less obvious between appointments.

Here are five fuss-free brow hacks you need to know about it:

1. Use A Brow Concealer

Le Crayon Kohl in Clair or Brun Natural, $30, Chanel

Here's the trick — it's labeled as an eye pencil. However, this skin-colored "crayon" is probably the best kept secret in the world of brows. Lightly go over re-growth and stray hairs with this and they'll blend right into your skin leaving the illusion of a fresh wax!

2. Use At-Home Waxing Kits For Small Touch-Ups

Sally Hansen Face & Lip Wax Kit, $8, Amazon

While I would never recommend using an at-home kit as a substitute for a professional wax, they can be particularly useful for stray hairs in the center of your brow. Use a regular strip, ignore the stencils in the pack, and be careful not to apply the wax too close to the start of your brows when you do this.

3. Use Facial Hair Scissors

Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors, $14, Amazon

Personal scissors are the perfect tool for shaping up unruly brows at home. In the video above, Kayleigh will show you how to properly trim and fill in your brows. While she uses regular scissors, I highly recommend using scissors that were designed for personal upkeep, like the ones above.

4. Only Tweeze Outside the Lines

As you're tweezing in between appointments, make sure to only pluck the hairs outside of the lines of your natural brow. If you go deeper into the brow, you risk over-plucking!

5. Use A Fill-In Pencil

L'Oreal Brow Stylist Designer Eye Pencil in Blonde, $7, Amazon

Fill-in pencils are a great tool for hiding brow re-growth. Since bold eyebrows are trendy, you can always start the line slightly lower or higher than your natural brow, which will shade the areas with re-growth!

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Images: Courtesy of Brands