Best 'Sherlock' Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes Facts Including a Gay Bar Scene We Need To See

Ah, Sherlock — we spend two years pining for it, then it's back for three weeks only to leave us all over again like a fickle lover. Alas, our three weeks are up, and all we've got left are the dregs. Sometimes those dregs are endlessly frustrating — but sometimes they're downright delightful, and when some of our Sherlock peeps did a panel at Apple (#Applelock), we learned a bunch of fun facts and opinions that caught our interest. So let's play, shall we? The game is on.

  • Martin Freeman to real-life longtime love Amanda Abbington on the traits she shares with her character Mary Morstan: "You have Mary's vibrant energy." Verdict: Adorable.
  • Abbington on what traits Benedict Cumberbatch shares with Holmes: "You're quite meticulous like Sherlock." Verdict: Really wishing she'd added an "ifyouknowwhatImean" at the end of that. Throw us a bone, guys.
  • Steven Moffat: "I want a Lestrade spinoff where he solves nothing." Verdict: I would watch the shit out of that.
  • Cumberbatch's favorite scene? John Watson shaving his grief!mustache. Verdict: Never tired of the mustache jokes.
  • The scene in which Magnussen flicks John in the face took three days to film, which means you get to picture hours upon hours of Martin Freeman suffering that indignity. It sent Cumberbatch into a fit of giggles. Verdict: Yes.
  • Cumberbatch wore blue and pink striped socks because the world isn't fair. Verdict: Missing a place I never was.
  • In between takes during the "Sign Of Three" wedding filming Rupert Graves would play his guitar. Verdict: Really gonna need a Lestrade sex scene next season.
  • Also from "Sign Of Three": That drunk sequence, wherein Sherlock and John galavant and get into hijinks and even cuddle a little? Yeah, they cut a part of that sequence, and it was a scene in a gay bar. According the Baker Street Babes (who you should really follow for legit Sherlockian news and liveblogs), Sherlock takes John there and then wonders aloud why no one is wearing shirts. Verdict: WHAT. WHAT. WHAT?! Verdict is enraged, enraptured, a little aroused.

So what can we learn from this event, Sherlockians? I think what we can mainly learn is that IF THAT "SIGN OF THREE" SCENE IS NOT ON THE DVD THEN SO HELP THE TUMBLR GODS THERE WILL BE WRATH TO FACE.

Image: Twitter