Bustle Editor Elly Ayres Dishes On Her Personal Style & The Power Of A Good Enamel Pin

The first thing I noticed about my coworker Elly is that she's a master of the cat eye. (All my fellow shaky-handed eyeliner appliers know this is no easy feat.) The second thing I noticed? Her buoyant, yet laid-back personality is as warm and inviting as the constant sunshine in her native Florida. And, as if I didn't have enough reason to think she was exceptionally cool, Bustle Affiliate Editor Elly Ayres has some seriously covetable style to boot.

Allow me to give you an idea of just how covetable we're talking. If Alexa Chung and Debbie Harry had a love child, she would be Elly. Elly has the kind of look that's all at once classic, rock and roll, playful, and low-maintenance. As her desk neighbor in Bustle's New York offices, I'm constantly asking her where she's finding her stuff. Whether she's rocking a pair of modern overalls, a calfskin moto jacket, or her signature cheeky enamel pins, she's got the kind of chill-girl aesthetic that's basically everyone's thing.

Looking at the photo above and hearing that description, you may be asking yourself the same thing I wonder every day: How does she do it? In partnership with Nordstrom, this effortlessly chic lady talked to us about her sartorial influences, her love of '60s rocker style, and how New York inspires her.

She Can Help You With Any Beauty Problem You Have

"I'm the Associate Affiliate Editor, which means I work with a talented group of writers every week to find readers the absolute best products to solve any hair, skin, health, and style dilemma they might have."

Moving To New York Has Helped Her Evolve, Fashionably Speaking

"The most dramatic development in my personal style happened after I moved to New York (big surprise there). My Floridian technicolor patterns (while still very much embraced) gave way to a few more shades of grays and blacks, and I grew to understand the importance of staples and signature pieces. They're the cornerstones of your closet.”

Overalls, Pins, & Leather Jackets Are Bae

"My clothing preferences change with my mood, but they're usually influenced by whoever's on my playlist that week, or the last movie I watched.

Everything from overalls with high-top sneakers, to suede skirts and combat boots are on heavy rotation. I also can't resist adding a small enamel pin to most of my looks."

The Swinging '60s Are Her Ultimate Jam

"I was obsessed with music documentaries growing up, and I loved listening to The Beatles, The Supremes, and The Rolling Stones with my dad. Immersing myself in that music so early on made me fascinated by the bands and their looks."

Her Fashion Icon Is (Ahem) "Repelling"

"Leandra Medine [The Man Repeller] is one of my biggest style icons. Her ability to layer clothes is completely inspiring, but her style is more iconic to me because of the attitude behind it.

She wears what she wants because she likes it. I think fashion would be a lot less scary if more people were like her, and approached style from the angle of wearing something because it makes you feel good."

Her Neighborhood Seriously Inspires Her

"I'm most inspired by my neighborhood in the Lower East Side. All those leather jackets, piercings, and blue hair combos are a feast for the eyes."

Comfort Is Key

"I'm always comfortable when I go out, which typically means I wear skinny jeans, boots, and a T-shirt. I never know if my night will end promptly after Happy Hour, or if I'll end up catching a late comedy show in West Village, so it pays to be wearing something you feel good in."

On How To Work A Dress

"If you’re gonna wear a dress, you gotta make it count. This dress is the literal definition of 'business in front, party in the back.'"

Style Is Her Favorite Form Of Expression

"To me, personal style is telling the world something about you without having to say a word."

Well said, girl. Well said.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.

Images: Lauren Perlstein; Elly Ayres/ Instagram (2)