9 Mistakes That Can Thin Your Hair & Surprisingly Easy Tricks to Fix Them

Thin hair is a relatable struggle for most people at one point or another in their lives — whether locks are actually thinning from genetics or just have the appearance that they are. If you've been curious about how to inject your strands with some extra oomph, I've got you covered with these mistakes that are thinning your hair and easy ways to fix it. After all, many people are guilty of putting their hair through not-so-ideal conditions and processes. But there are specific (and totally avoidable) things everyone does that stresses their tresses, stripping them down to look (or feel) barely there and brittle.

Incorporate a few products into your beauty routine to see quick results, and lay off of the bad habits that can cause damage to your 'do. It may be as easy as working the volumizing mousse through your hair that uses starch polymer to add structure to hair, or perhaps toning down heat damage with a curling gadget that has easily adjusted temperature settings.

Say goodbye to damage-causing mistakes that have been thinning your locks, leave the excess shedding to your cat, and get prepped for a fabulously full head of hair. Here are the causes, and then the solutions, for thinning.

You Pull Your Up-do Too Tight: Leave Hair Down & Style With Thickening Mousse

Oribe Hair Care Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse , $38, Amazon

Pulling hair into a super tight ponytail can lead to serious damage and breakage, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Instead, keep your hair down, and style with this hydrating mousse that plumps the hair shaft with starch polymer, adding major volume, while also giving your scalp a major break. This thickening product also acts as a thermal protectant, so it's great to use before you pick up your blow dryer. Pro Tip: When you need to step out in an up-do, be gentle on your hair with soft, snag-free elastics.

You Put Your Hot Tools On Full Blast: Keep Temps Low With Heat-Controlled Curling Iron

MHD Professional Salon Quality Ceramic Curling Iron , $29, Amazon

If you automatically set your heat controls to the highest level for fast results, you'll want to change that common (yet very damaging) habit ASAP. This ceramic curling iron features a digital control screen, which reminds you to keep the heat on the lower end of the iron's 280-400 degree temperature scale. It's important to avoid excessive heat on your locks, as it can cause strands to become damaged and break off, says celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. Bonus: This curling iron heats up instantly and has an automatic shut-off feature for your busiest days.

You Rely On Non-Specialized Shampoos: Stick To Cleansing Washes

John Allan's Thick Shampoo, $21, Amazon

Hair holds in residue at the roots, which can cause hair to appear greasy, thin, and weighed-down. By using this volumizing cleansing shampoo, you'll remove excess oils from the scalp and appear to have fuller and more luscious locks. Plus, wheat and soy protein restore moisture to your hair after you lather to protect from thinning and breakage come time to heat style.

You Over-Condition: Treat Hair With Protein, Instead

CHI Silk Infusion , $18, Amazon

This strengthening leave-in treatment contains pure silk, wheat, and soy proteins — that become enhanced when you apply warm temperatures from your flat iron, blow dryer, or curling wand. This step makes it easier for you to cut back on conditioner that can weigh hair down and make it appear flat and lifeless. Your hair will grow long, while becoming softer and more manageable to avoid tangles that can cause hair to be pulled out.

You Don't Blow-Dry Properly: Dry Locks Upside Down With Frizz-Free Diffuser

Xtava Collapsible Diffuser for Hair Dryer , $12, Amazon

If you skip blow drying hair upside down with a diffuser — opting instead to brush down the hair's shaft, this gadget's a game-changer: This easily attachable diffuser fits on most hair dryers and is collapsable, making it perfect to pack for your next weekend trip. It fights frizz, adds major body to your mane, and embraces your natural texture. You'll get instant thin hair-reversal results when you're not tugging down on your hair every time you blow dry.

You've Never Tested Full Haircuts: Try A Choppy Bob With Defined Layers

Toni & Guy Foaming Spray Gel , $10, Amazon

So, maybe your hair isn't actually thinning, but your choice of haircut isn't doing your thick hair goals any favors. At your next salon visit, try listening to your hairdresser's suggestions on cuts that make hair look fuller. A long, angled bob gives you instant body and shape and spritzing it with a layer-defining gel will add the appearance of extra texture and fuller layers. Don't worry about it weighing down your hair or making it look crunchy — it gives any hair type an effortless, light hold.

You Stress Out: Relax With Bubbles Infused With Lavender

Deep Steep Bubble Bath, Lavender Chamomile , $9, Amazon

Stress is a leading cause for hair loss at any age, according to Health.com. If you've been on-the-go recently and haven't been taking time to relax and take care of yourself, it's time to fill the bath tub with this ultra-fragrant lavender and chamomile bubble soap that contains essential oils, vitamin E, vitamin B5, and organic aloe, hawthorne, barley grass, and rosehips. Stressful events can push your hair into the shedding phase, says dermatologist Dr. Marc Glashofer, so be preventative about keeping anxiety levels as low as possible.

You Don't Protect Hair From Sun: Spritz With Sun Protectant

Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray, $8, Amazon

Even in the winter time, the harsh effects of the sun can put your hair through a lot of stress. To avoid hair drying out and eventually falling out — protect your strands with UV protecting spray that gives hair added shine and protects it at its most fragile state. This product is safe to use on color-treated hair and turns dry, brittle strands into a silky smooth 'do.

You're Not Replenishing Lost Moisture: Hydrate With Argan Oil

Argan Oil Hair Mask, $12, Amazon

To create more volume in fine hair, revitalize dry and brittle strands once a week with an intensely hydrating argan oil hair mask. Argan oil helps improve hair elasticity and body, and it's even known to reduce frizziness caused by heat damage or excessive dryness.

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