16 Ways To Use Hummus That Don't Involve Pita Chips

Whether you prefer to eat it with baby carrots and celery or you enjoy it with a bag of perfectly salted pita chips, hummus is a refrigerator staple that always satisfies. But while you may tend to enjoy your favorite spread in one specific way, there are really so many ways to use hummus that are completely original. So it’s time to start making the most of its creamy goodness in our cooking as well as our snacking.

If you want to get fancy with a food processor, it’s not too difficult to get creative with some homemade hummus recipes. But if you want, you can even make hummus without a recipe. Or, if it’s already been a long day and you just want to get something that’s filling and delicious into your belly, you can just spring for some store-bought hummus and call it a night.

Whatever you choose, these 16 recipes will show you how to make the most out of your batch of hummus. From cheesy dip to dinner-ready flatbreads, you’re bound to find a new way to enjoy this versatile spread. Give the pita chips a break, and try something new — you won’t be disappointed.

1. Grilled Greek Pizza

Ditch the tomato sauce and cover your pizza dough in plenty of hummus. A Spicy Perspective makes a Mediterranean dish with fresh tomatoes, feta, and olives.

2. Baked Hummus And Spinach Dip

Cheesy dip is always a satisfying indulgence, but when you cut out the heavy cream, it gets a whole lot healthier. Naturally Ella uses hummus to make this dip a cozy snack.

3. Latke Benny

Bring some hummus to your brunch spread with this yolky eggs Benedict recipe by Cara's Cravings. When mixed with Dijon mustard and a little water, hummus makes a great complementary sauce.

4. Collard Wraps With Carrot Hummus

Lunchtime just got a majorly refreshing boost, thanks to Love and Lemons' collard wrap. Homemade carrot hummus makes a colorful, slightly citrusy filling, but in a rush, you could also use store-bought.

5. Veggie Nori Rolls

These seaweed-based rolls by The Kitchn make for a totally healthy snack, and with a smear of hummus, they get a lot more filling. Who needs rice?

6. Green Goddess Hummus Sandwich

Pickled red onions and carrots make Cookie and Kate's hummus-slathered sandwich even better. Homemade Green Goddess dressing is made with plenty of fresh herbs, but store-bought works, too!

7. Jalapeño Breakfast Sandwich

Who needs an Egg McMuffin when you can make your own breakfast sammy at home? Budget Bytes uses jalapeño cilantro hummus to start the day with a bang.

8. The Big Vegan Bowl

A bowl full of quinoa, sweet potato, chickpeas, and more vegetables doesn't even need dressing when it's topped with some soft avocado and a dollop of hummus. Oh She Glows makes healthy eating easy.

9. Hummus And Shakshuka

These two Middle Eastern dishes were clearly made for one another. Green Kitchen Stories shows that creamy hummus balances out spicy tomato-based shakshuka in the best way.

10. Sweet Potato Hummus Flatbread

DIY sweet potato hummus by Five and Spice makes an understandably great dip for any number of fresh veggies or chips. But slathered over a flatbread and drizzled with a yogurt sauce, it's even better.

11. Hummus Grilled Cheese

By now, you have probably become acquainted with your fair share of grilled cheese hacks, so here's another one: Naturally Ella shows that hummus and cheese are a winning combo sandwiched between two good slices of bread.

12. Edamame Hummus Crostini

Switch up your appetizer game. Love and Lemons makes a bright green hummus with shelled edamame, tahini, and chives, and it goes great on crusty bread or with fresh veggies.

13. Toast With Hummus

Pita chips and hummus will always be a winning combination. But that doesn't mean you have to limit your bread choices. The Kitchn shows that hummus makes a great toast topping — maybe even try adding some avocado to the mix.

14. Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus Broccoli Crostini

Broccoli isn't an obvious crostini topping, to say the least. But when it's roasted, paired with tomato hummus, and sprinkled with red pepper flakes, it makes a whole lot of sense in Cookie and Kate's recipe.

15. Hummus Breakfast Mug

Hummus and eggs pair well on toast. But did you know that the chickpea-based spread also gives scrambled eggs some major oomph? Thanks for the tip, Budget Bytes!

16. Ground Lamb And Hummus Pita Pizzas

Smooth hummus and tender ground lamb are the stars of this pizza-inspired pita recipe from Table for Two. Pine nuts and chopped parsley finish off the dish.

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