Bruno Mars' Halftime Show Gives His Career a Boost It Deserves

No surprise, it looks like Bruno Mars' performance at this past Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show has done wonders for his record sales on iTunes. Similar to the effect that Budweiser's 'Puppy Love' commercial had on "Let Her Go" by Passenger, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Bruno Mars' Super Bowl performance contributed to a 164 percent rise in iTunes downloads of his second album, Unorthodox Jukebox, selling about 40,000 units in the week ending on Feb. 2. Compare this to the previous week's sales, which were at 15,000 units — in other words, that's a huge gain.

Official sales figures won't be officially released until tomorrow, when the new Billboard 200 chart is revealed, but, the jump in sales coupled with the fact that his Super Bowl halftime show attracted a record audience of 115.3 million viewers makes it seem pretty safe to say that Mars' album will be somewhere on there. As of now, the album is sitting at the number three spot on iTunes, just below After the Disco by Broken Bells, and Salute by Little Mix.

If you missed Mars' performance during the halftime show, you can check out a full clip of it below.