How To Make Bras More Comfortable

by Julia Musto

For some women, not hating your bra after a long hard day at work seems inconceivable. If you have a semi-large chest, underwire can be constricting and uncomfortable. If you barely need a bra but wear one anyway, you just find yourself wanting to take it off. But, this isn't a death sentence. There are ways to make bras more comfortable, I promise.

Although many brands do their best to make bras sexy, romantic, and sweet, most of the time they can feel like little lacy fabric prisons. There are so many memes I've seen on the Web that compare the feeling of taking off your bra to achieving nirvana, and they're all pretty accurate. While no one has to wear a bra if they don't want to, there's no doubt that many women feel compelled to wear them, comfortable or not.

For runners and athletes like me, sports bras are a way of life. Regular bras are not made for me. But, many women do love normal bras and the way they feel in them. However, if you're not happy in your normal bra, there are some alternative steps you can take toward making your bra fit the way that you want. Here are a few methods to make you feel like you can live to put on your bra another day.

1. Wear A Stick-On Bra

Nubra Featherlite, $32, Amazon

I had a similar bra from the Gap back in high school and it felt great under v-neck tees and strapless dresses. They do make you sweat, but they are a great alternative to a regular bra, especially for backless dresses and the like.

2. Trade Underwires For Bralettes

V-Front Cross-Back Bralette, $20, Aerie

Opt for a bralette over an underwire bra if you feel like they provide you with enough support. They can still be lacy and pretty, but are ten thousand times more comfortable than regular bras. I just ordered this beautiful Aerie beauty in grey! It will be perfect for lazy summer days.

3. Choose Wide Straps

Wacoal In Bloom Plunge T-Shirt Bra, $45, Amazon

Thicker and wider strapped bras mean more support, according to Gurl. How could that ever be a bad thing?

4. Know Your Real Size

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

People can tell if you're wearing the right size bra, specially with this whole sheer clothing and slip dress trend hitting the world of high fashion, but no one will suffer more than you if you don't get professionally fitted. Make sure you go into a store's lingerie section and get sized every year, Women's Day recommends, because your body will change over time. I went from at 32C to a 36D in about a year!

5. Adjust Your Straps Frequently


Straps can adjust. Sometimes you forget this when you've worn a bra a certain way for a while, but it's important to remember that you don't have to live in pain. "When you put on your bra and adjust the shoulder straps properly, you should be able to slip a finger underneath the strap and still feel that it is snug, but not too tight," according to Now That's Lingerie. Straps will fit all shoulders differently. For example, if you're like me and have downward sloping shoulders, Now That's Lingerie recommends you try wearing your bra straps crossed in the back to prevent discomfort and/or slippage!

6. Don't Sacrifice Quality

Sunnie Pushup Bra, $25, Aerie

Sure, it looks cool, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the bra you want to own. Unless, it's sole purpose is to wear while tanning or hanging out in bed (which I obviously don't blame you for) you want to focus on the practicality and comfort level of your bra, as Gurl points out. Less beading, lace, or frills, could be a smidge more comfortable.

7. Do Not Overwear Your Bras

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone has that one bra that rises above all the rest. In your eyes, you could wear this bright shiny turquoise number or plain black t-shirt bra every day. But, that certainly doesn't mean that you should. Over-wearing the same bra could mean discomfort and rubbing over time. InStyle reports that you should own around four bras.

8. Wash Before You Wear

The Laundress Delicate Wash, $18, Amazon

Washing before first usage or after your first day wearing it will make the fabric soften. Hand wash your delicates every time for the best and least damaging results.

9. Use Some Outside Help

Save-A-Bra Soft Back Bra Extender, $3, Amazon

Gurl reports that Save-A-Bra and other band extenders can make things easier for you by making old bras comfier and adjusting your bra if you feel like you need a little extra band room. If you like this method, also consider extra padding inserts or, like, even socks!

Good luck, bra-wearers! You can do this!

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