Weird Photos From Super Saturday Rallies Won't Help Your American Pride

The march of the 2016 presidential race continues, this time with caucuses and primaries across five different states ― you might call it Super Saturday, the junior-league version of the colossal Super Tuesday earlier this week. Voters and caucus-goers headed out to make their voices heard in the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, and Louisiana, and thousands most turned out for some campaign events for the candidates of their choice. And yup, sometimes things looked a little strange ― here are some weird photos from Super Saturday rallies.

To be clear, some of the weirdness might be funny, awkward or peculiar, but some of it is a little ― scratch that, a lot more worrisome than that. Donald Trump rallies in particular have both been vectors for protests, and for angry outbursts and acts of physical violence against those protests. Hell, even journalists have been roughed up. It's anything but amusing.

But it's also true that there have been some slightly bizarre sights at some of these events. Here are some of the oddest images that are circulating around the internet right now ― you might want to savor the Rubio ones in particular, since after another abysmal night, there's no telling how much longer he'll be in the race (if he blows it in his home state of Florida, then it's really over).

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For the record, that second image isn't actually a throng of Donald Trump supporters flashing a Nazi salute, although that's clearly the chilling optics that have spread the image throughout social media. In reality, Trump was leading the crowd in a pledge, with his right hand raised, to absolutely definitely be sure to vote for him in the March 15th Florida primary (although he misstated the day as March 12th, which sort of ruins the whole thing). As for that incredible painting of him playing whack-a-mole with some other 2016 contenders, well, nice work. And Colonel Sanders? Kinda had him pegged for a Cruz man, but I guess that was a mistake.

Marco Rubio hasn't exactly run a weird-centric campaign to date, this farcical photo of him in a giant chair besides. although the second image from his well-received CPAC speech (if only the attendees got to pick the nominee, huh?) does show one of the most simultaneous mundane and weird things about Rubio as a candidate ― the water bottle clutched in his hand, which he reported struggles mightily without.

Of course, there's one topic across all the campaigns that's really animated a lot of conversation, a particularly juvenile, gross boast that Trump made during the last presidential debate: the part where he lauded his own penis size. As such, the above image towers over all else ― god bless this true American hero, and his stubby little dick helmet.