Jason Sudeikis' Mitt Romney Returns To 'SNL' To Criticize Donald Trump — VIDEO

Jason Sudeikis left Saturday Night Live in 2013, but, if there's one thing we've learned from this season, it's that you never truly live SNL. So, when he appeared in the middle of the cold open of the Jonah Hill-hosted episode on March 5, it took me a minute to realize he didn't belong. He just seemed right at home with the rest of them. So, what prompted Sudeikis' return to SNL ? Mitt Romney. Yes, it seems especially weird that he came back to do Romney. He was never really known for his impressions, and his Romney wasn't so good that it couldn't be topped. But, I guess in this political climate, there are just too many politicians out there, and not enough current cast members to cover them all. (It seems weird, considering how many white male cast members, but there we are.) And, sure, Sudeikis is in Race and Last Man on Earth right now, but it didn't seem like he was there solely to promote either of those projects.

I guess Sudeikis' return can be summed up by his first line as Romney, speaking about his own political resurfacing: "You didn't ask for it, but you got it."

"Romney" on SNL, as he did in real life, to criticize Donald Trump. Specifically, he took Trump to task for often saying racist and sexist things. That's not the way that the GOP operates, he chided. "You didn't ask for it, but you got it. "We do not say racist or sexist things," he said. "We imply them."

Sudeikis wasn't the only SNL alum to show up in the cold open. Darrell Hammond once again took the stage to reprise his Donald Trump impression. He's done this for the past few weeks, and it is a welcomed occurrence each time, because Hammond is the best political impressionist in the history of the show.

Tina Fey also showed up once this year to be Sarah Palin, and Hammond has done Bill Clinton a couple times this season. So, if you have a favorite SNL political impression, if that cast member is still alive, you never know — it might turn up before the 2016 election is over.

Watch the full video below: