Nancy Reagan Is Dead At 94 & The Former First Lady Will Be Dearly Missed — REPORT

On Sunday morning, TMZ broke the news that former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died at 94. TMZ did not disclose the precise cause of death, and said that the information came from a "close family member." CBS News confirmed the report minutes later, and tributes immediately began pouring in for the conservative icon. Nancy had been a powerhouse in U.S. politics well into her '90s, and had served as the much-adored First Lady alongside her husband, former president Ronald Reagan, who died himself in 2004.

She is widely credited for her work with the "Just Say No" anti-drugs campaign, and for advancing awareness of breast cancer in the U.S. after she was diagnosed with the disease in the late '80s.

Prior to marrying her husband, Nancy had been a silver screen icon in her own right. Later, she also served as First Lady of California while her husband was the California governor. After the Reagan presidency ended, Nancy and her husband retired in 1989 to the home that she lived in until Ronald's death from Alzheimer's disease, and later her own. Regardless, Nancy remained active in U.S. politics and with the Reagan Foundation, even in her last years.

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After the assassination attempt on her husband, Nancy took on the role of "protector" to her husband, and cared for him while he struggled with Alzheimer's until his death in 2004. She famously kissed the casket containing the body of her late husband, mouthing "I love you."

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She had been struggling with ill health in her latter years.