These 8 Unexpected Layering Pieces Will Breathe New Life Into Your Winter Style

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Good layering skills are crucial for all humans. Not only are they the key to keeping warm without investing in one of those sartorially bankrupt bubble coats, but layering is also the best method by which to ensure that you never again find yourself in one of those situations where you're out somewhere and the heat is cranking and the only thing you have on underneath your huge sweater is a bra. That, frankly, is my personal idea of hell.

Although layers are the secret to life, there are only so many times one can go for a straight-up tank top, shirt, sweater, coat combination before itching to switch it up a little. Maybe try something a little more… interesting? One or all of these eight pieces would make the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe crying out for a little more action before springtime rolls in.

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