Obama Sends Off 'MythBusters' With A Sweet Goodbye That'll Remind You Of His Strange Time On The Show — VIDEO

In sad news for skeptics, scientists, and the generally curious everywhere, MythBusters has been cancelled, with its final episode airing on Sunday. If you're upset, you're not alone — over the weekend, it was revealed that President Obama said goodbye to MythBusters in a sweet ode to the show that clearly made Adam, Jamie, and the rest of the gang pretty emotional. Obama's parting remarks will be featured in the show's final episode, which will also bring out other special guests as well as some classic myth busting, which is rumored to include explosions and cement trucks.

In his remarks, which you can see below, Obama refers to the legacy and influence of the Discovery Channel show, expressing his gratitude for when they proved that the US did in fact land on the moon. He also thanks the team for inspiring young people to be curious and scientifically innovative. It makes sense why Obama would express his appreciation for the show, as a guy who has dealt with wildly inaccurate speculations about his own background and political career surely has a profound appreciation for debunking myths in the name of truth and science. As far as TV programming is concerned, MythBusters was able to be both educational and entertaining, and as Obama mentions, the show has certainly influenced more than a few young people to pursue careers in fields like engineering and chemistry.

In the farewell video, Obama also mentions that the guys have come to the White House before. MythBusters fans might remember that the finale will not be Obama's first appearance on the show; the president appeared in Season 8, Episode 21. No, he did not blow anything up, something that he reveals in his farewell message that he regrets, but he did have a pretty great role. In the episode, Jamie and Adam visited the White House library and were challenged by Obama to test the myth of the Archimedes solar ray, a fabled weapon that could set ships on fire through the reflecting power of a glass pane. Unable to replicate the weapon, the myth was busted. Another important reveal from the episode: Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia, are apparently fans of the show, too.

Why Obama was interested in this myth in particular remains a slightly concerning mystery, but his farewell demonstrates that he has a good grasp on the show's mission and influence.

Image: Discovery