Is Theo Galavan In Arkham Asylum On 'Gotham'? Hugo Strange Is Working On A Sinister "Project"

Gotham Season 2 has only been back for two episodes and already a new conspiracy is forming, with Hugo Strange at the head of it. But while it's clear that Strange has experimented on Victor Fries, in the last few seconds of this week's episode, "A Dead Man Feels No Cold," was that Theo Galavan in Arkham Asylum? Has Strange been cloning Gotham City's chief rival? In the fall finale, Galavan's lifeless body was dumped on an Indian Hill operating table rather than the morgue where he was supposed to be examined. But now, it looks like Strange has Galavan suspended in some kind of liquid, among several other Galavan-like figures who look as though they may be missing limbs and other physical features, implying that Strange's cloning process (or whatever it is that he's doing) is still imperfect.

Earlier in the episode, a hand with only four fingers was grappling at the window of its Arkham cell, which may have been yet another Galavan clone. I wonder if these clones will have the memories and the grudges of the real Theo Galavan, or if Strange is just hoping to, for some reason, create genetically identical versions of Galavan, who are completely underneath his control.

Before the Galavan reveal, Penguin was subjected to electroshock therapy by Strange's assistant, Ms. Peabody, another element of their cruel experimentation. It seems like Arkham Asylum is still separate from Indian Hill, but those prisoners might wind up playing a bigger role as Penguin suffers under the same cruel torture. Because as he warned Ms. Peabody, messing with the Penguin is a bad idea. Penguin hates Galavan even more than the cops do, so if he gets his hands on this secret experiment, he will stop at nothing to destroy it.

Whatever Strange is planning, it includes a mix of a whole army of misshapen possible-Theo Galavans, the ability to freeze people at temperatures far below zero, and electroshock therapy. I'm not totally sure how that all fits together, in either an original or a comic-based storyline, but either way, something evil is coming to Gotham.

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