First Look at Adam Brody on Tuesday's 'New Girl'

Are you ready for a bonafide television event? Well you best be, because Adam Brody is on New Girl tonight, reuniting with the Fox that made him. And sure, he's not playing Seth Cohen, which breaks our hearts a little (every time, Adam Brody; can't you just play Seth Cohen one more time?), but he will be there, and we are anticipating it greatly.

Tonight's New Girl episode "Exes" focuses on — can you guess? — two of Nick and Jess' exes coming out of the woodwork when Jess tries to convince Nick that it's possible to be friends with ex-loves (like his ex-girlfriend Caroline, played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who is also in this episode). She uses Adam Brody's supposed family man Berkeley as an example. This being a sitcom, and specifically New Girl, things do not exactly go as planned, because as we see in the preview below, Berkeley may still be a wee bit wildly in love with Jess — so in love that he's flinging himself at the idea of leaving his wife for her. Sethela, no!

As New Girl creator and executive producer Liz Meriwether noted in an interview with TV Guide, this back nine of the show will show some (hopefully hilarious) challenges for Nick and Jess going forward:

Their relationship continues to get deeper and more complicated, and they definitely are going to face some challenges towards the end of the year. That was the arc we wanted for them this year: We wanted them to be in the honeymoon, amazing place at the beginning of the year, and then their relationship will hit real obstacles as the season kept going. So we're going to keep on that path.

No telling exactly what their plans are with that, but in the meantime we get to watch Adam Brody vamp under an imaginary waterfall. And it is a beautiful thing.

Image: Fox