9 Things Your Waxer Wants You To Know

Waxing is a way of life for me. I'm serious. Commitment to waxing the hair on your body is a thing, whether you rely on a brow waxing, upper lip waxing, or Brazilian bikini waxing. Waxing is not just about managing body hair, for me, either; it's also an extra step in taking complete care of the skin. I remain a happy Brazilian bikini waxer, a procedure I have been getting since the '00s.

I want my every-six-to-eight weeks bikini wax process to be an easy one, since it is a lifestyle choice. Therefore, I polled a few other experts about what they want clients to know before entering their waxing lair. Their tips are great for beginners and experienced clients alike to keep in mind.

These days, I hit up the European Wax Center outpost right up the street from my house. I've been going to Jade there for a while, and she does everything from Brazilians to backs to brows. I also grabbed info from Nandi Wagner of Bliss and Taylor Gordy, a specialist from Spruce & Bond.

Here are their tips for an as-painless-as-possible appointment that applies to waxing all body parts.

1. Maintenance Is A Must

Jade was blunt about pre-visit prep for Brazilians. "Trim hairs," she tells me. "Don't come in with really, really long hairs." Maintaining is a must.

But when it comes to brows, the opposite is true. Don't overdo it with excess trimming or plucking of brows in between visits. Gordy says, "I always advise my clients against any excessive trimming — leave it for the professional. [It] may be done incorrectly at home and [thus] prevent you from having the best quality wax possible."

2. Exfoliate & Hydrate

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Wagner, the Lead Esthetician at Bliss Soho, also emphasizes the importance of babying skin. She says, "Before any waxing service, make sure your skin is exfoliated and hydrated. This ensures your hair and skin are soft and the waxing can be as thorough as possible."

3. Cleanliness Matters

This is no brainer, but still needs to be said. "Be clean," Jade said, referring to all waxable body parts. It's basic but also of critical importance!

4. Skip The Pre-Wax Workout

You probably know you shouldn't swim or workout after a wax, but it's not a great idea to hit the gym right before either. "Don't come after hot yoga, because you will be too warm and that makes it harder to wax," Jade warned. So hitting up your salon, post-workout, is not the best idea.

5. Get Into A Routine

Jade's most important tip is this. Waxing and skincare are deliberate choices, so commit to them by being serious about your routine. "Taking care of your skin is a lifestyle and waxing is one way to take care of your skin," she points out. "You need to take care of your skin in between waxes, every day." That includes moisturizing, attending to any ingrown hairs, and avoiding the urge you to go beyond plucking a few random, errant strays or long hairs.

6. Take Ibuprofen Beforehand


Wagner also suggested preparing with a chill pill of sorts. She says, "If you're sensitive, take some Ibuprofen 30 minutes beforehand [for] the pain factor." That's Advil or Motrin, and it really does help make your appointment go by much more smoothly.

7. Think About Length

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Gordy, who reminds us that "waxing doesn't have to be scary or nerve wracking," also suggests consulting your wax technician regarding length. "Proper length is important when it comes to waxing because the shorter the hair, the more painful the wax can be," Gordy notes. "Also the technician may not be able to remove all unwanted hair [if it's too short]."

8. Communication Is Key

Gordy encourages communication between waxer and waxee to get a better end result, especially when waxing specific locations. Gordy says, "Talking about our bits and pieces may be uncomfortable, but it doesn't need to be. This is our job! Ask questions! No question is too silly and helps us better understand what your needs are. Always tell the technician beforehand whether you want to be totally bare or care to leave a little something behind. Leave the rest to us and enjoy being hair free!"

9. Avoid The Sun


One final thing? Avoid the sun, according to Gordy, who says, "When waxing any sensitive area, such as upper lip or the bikini line, it's always best to avoid harsh sun exposure before and after treatment."

So follow these basic tips and your next waxing session will go fine.

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