6 Priceless Times John Oliver Called Out Democrats, Because He's An Equal Opportunity Critic

John Oliver is known for his witty humor and ability to perfectly articulate the blunders of other people via his show Last Week Tonight, as well as his history on The Daily Show. By now, everyone knows about his campaign to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain and his strong opinions regarding American conservatism, and most have heard him tear apart abortion laws and arguments against accepting refugees. Certainly, the majority of his jokes are spent on Republican errors and inconsistencies, pointing out instances of racism, misogyny, or simple absurdity. However, Democrats are not immune to his critical eye; John Oliver has called out Democrats on their own flaws and mistakes, and he has no qualms about it.

Every so often, Oliver makes a point to remind the Democratic Party that they are not sacred and will receive the scrupulous observations so frequently reserved for Republican moments of disaster. There are a handful of times where Oliver actually targeted the Democratic Party in an effort to guide them toward the proverbial light.

Sure, political satirists and comedians tend to have a liberal bias, but there is no doubt that when Oliver calls a person or party out, more often than not, they've got some serious explaining to do. Here are some instances where Oliver called out Democrats:

The Time He Called Out Everyone On Climate Change

Remember how there are hundreds of campaigns across the country to save the environment? And remember how Americans collectively decided during the midterm elections of 2014 that their environmental concern amounts to an overwhelming meh? Well, so does Oliver, and he makes his irritation very known in the above clip.

The Time He Wanted To Heal The Democrats

Sure, this one is from The Daily Show, but it reveals Oliver's long history of mocking politicians. At one point, he says to Jon Stewart, "Jon, I used to be like you, thinking this party could come together, until I spent an entire evening finding a woman to undercut that theory." Indeed, he did. This clip gets Hillary Clinton right in the orange pantsuit — exactly what that means will become clear a couple of minutes into the clip.

The Time He Yelled At Steny Hoyer

This clip says enough on its own, really.

The Time He Showed The Democratic National Convention What's What

In another classic instance from The Daily Show, Oliver searches Times Square for the perfect American — with just enough minority status — for political manipulation by the Democratic Party at the Democratic National Convention.

The Time He Made Oregonians Look Stupid

Remember the time Oregon spent millions of dollars on a commercial advertising Obamacare, but then didn't have a working website to sell people said Obamacare? So does Oliver, and he adequately makes Oregon Democrats and Republicans alike look pretty dopey. He even employs the service of Lisa Loeb, whom nobody has heard of since 1994 — well, nobody except John Oliver.

The Time He Called Out Bernie Sanders By Showing Clips Of Bernie Sanders Calling People Out

Believe it or not, there are no words involved in this clip that aren't spoken by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Oliver, via Last Week Tonight, manages to expertly curate examples of Sanders' tendency to ask reporters questions they have little means of answering — like a friggin' boss.

If the above examples don't prove Oliver's unfaltering allegiance to sense in his most strategically nonsensical way, I'm not sure what will. Make sure to check out future instances of Democratic mockery on his show, which airs on HBO on Sunday nights. With the election in full swing, the material can only get better!

Image: Last Week Tonight (1)