These Funny Democratic Debate Memes & Jokes Are The Perfect Way To Brighten Up Your Day

By this point in the 2016 election cycle, you understand that if you want comedy goal you head to the Republican debates. And with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's turning up the heat against Donald Trump's constant barrage of insults, it's gotten even sweeter in the past month. But who says we can't have watching the Democratic debates, too? Here are funny Democratic debate memes and jokes for when your eyes start to glaze over during the wonky policy talk.

The Republican debates have started to look more like episodes of Maury than an attempt to convince America to vote for a specific candidate. They often devolve into verbal assaults on the other candidates, namely from the sometimes witty and always horrifying Trump. The Democratic debates, by contrast, are generally pretty tame. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are more civil toward each other, and they're actually more substantive in their policy talks. That doesn't leave much room for comedic jabs, but that has never stopped the Internet from finding ridiculous moments to harp on.

So if you're looking for some humor as Clinton and Sanders delve deeper and deeper into tax policy, this is what the Internet has to offer.

I don't remember there being a Brooklyn accent on Star Trek, but that probably would've been much better.


Debate meets Sex in The City? Be still, my beating heart.

Quick Photoshop job + fruit jokes. Totally sold.

And speaking of CNN's favorite punching bag, Don Lemon...

In reference to Bernie Sanders' mic drop moment against Hillary Clinton's brief interruption of his response, and *tbh* I think that's what we all thought.

Yes, ma'am, it sure does. But within all of the jokes, let's get to the heart of the issues, which it seems the candidates have tried to do with aplomb.

Oof. A good point in this whole campaign.