10 Struggles Only People Who Haven't Been Able To Buy A Kylie Lip Kit Can Understand

Kylie Jenner's lip kits haven't even been on the market for a year, and they're already one of the hottest beauty products in the cosmetics world. Whether it's Mary Jo you're lusting after or CoCo K, your finger has probably not left your mouse, constantly refreshing Kylie's site to see if she's restocked. If you haven't gotten your pout on one yet, you'll get the struggles only people who haven't been able to buy a Kylie Lip Kit can understand. Whether you missed out on the initial release or the Kylie Lip Kit site crashed as you were just getting 22 into your cart, the pain of not having a lip kit haunts you, but we're all family here. Your pain is truly my pain.

Oh, for the sweet days of Kylie's initial lip kit release. The simple three colors of the kit were all reminiscent of her nude, brown, and pink 90s-esque style of yesterday. Fast forward a few short months to February, and everywhere a beauty junkie turns there's a new shade popping up online thanks to Kylie's impressive social media prowess. Whether it was Mary Jo's vibrant red matte or Posie K's sweet true pink, the colors only expanded and got better.

With the most recent restock, everyone seemed to be scrambling to get their hands on 22. Still, all of the colors have been selling out with each restock, leaving most of us in the #wedonthavealipkit club. Admittedly, it's not a very illustrious club considering the number of people thoroughly depressed on Twitter, but hey, we understand one another right?

Here are ten things only people who haven't gotten a Kylie Lip Kit can understand.

When The Website Crashed And You Lost Your Lip Kit

You were so close. So. Damn. Close.

When You See Other People's Lip Kit Receipts

You know green isn't a good color on anyone, but you can't help but be jealz.

When You See A Kardashian Rocking A Lip Kit

How?! How am I supposed to create the perfect Kylie look without one? How, Kylie? Telll me!

When Kylie's Snapchat Is Devoid Of Restock Details

This is must-have info, and I need to charge my laptop, down some coffee, and prep my browser for the restock. K, thanks!

When Kylie Wears A Lip Kit Herself

Don't taunt us! Just say no!

When Your Friend Gets Their Lip Kit In The Mail

I promise I'm happy for you. *Sob*

When Your Friend Graciously Lets You Borrow Their Lip Kit

Forever in their debt.

When You See 22 On Basically Anyone

How is something so pretty not mine? Why? Why did you abandon me, Kylie?

When You Hear Kylie Is Restocking Her Lip Kits

We are all Kelly Clarkson in this moment.

When You Start Prepping For The Restock

Mary Jo, here we come!

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