Who Has Carol & Maggie On 'The Walking Dead'? The Raid On Negan's Camp Took A Turn

The calm is over, everybody. On Sunday night, Carol and Maggie were kidnapped on The Walking Dead during Rick's raid on Negan and his people. According to the voices on the walkie talkie and the promo for next week, their captors appear to be lead by two women, and don't include Negan himself. So who took Carol and Maggie?

In The Walking Dead comics, Negan has many wives, so it's likely that this is who captured Carol and Maggie. It's also possible that these two women are just two other Saviors who weren't at the compound during the raid. However, some of Negan's wives, including Amber and Sherry, have interesting stories in the comics that I would like to see the show get into and this would certainly be a memorable way to introduce them to the TV audience. Plus, it's just cool to see a group of evil ladies on The Walking Dead. We've had Dawn at the hospital, Mary at Terminus, and even little Lizzie from a certain point of view, but not nearly as many female villains as male antagonists, and certainly none like those shown in the promo for next week's episode. I'm curious as to how they got to Carol and Maggie so soon after the alarm, as well. Negan's camp is still such a mystery.

Their introduction also came — via walkie-talkie — during an excellent ending. There was so much going on that I actually let myself forget that Carol and Maggie hadn't been seen for a while; though I'm sure some viewers were wary of their absence the whole time. Given the fact that Negan is unpredictable, this doesn't necessarily mean that Carol and Maggie are in more or less danger on The Walking Dead than anyone else on this raid mission, but things definitely don't look good.

Image: Gene Page/AMC