Glenn's Death Might've Been Teased On 'The Walking Dead' Through Some Horrific Photos

What are the odds that we'll all be watching The Walking Dead with one hand over our eyes and the other hovering over the mute button for the next few weeks? Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics ahead. The big confrontation with Negan is coming, and there's no doubt it will be horrific. Now I'm more worried than ever, as The Walking Dead may have foreshadowed Glenn's death in Sunday night's episode. The pictures he found in Negan's compound made fans very nervous, because we may have just met Lucille.

Rick and the Alexandrians staged a low-key Ocean's Eleven heist/raid on Negan's bunker. Well, if Ocean's Eleven ended with everyone getting stabbed and two of the good guys getting kidnapped. Anyway, Glenn and Heath teamed up for the sneak attack. Any guilt Glenn had about killing people in cold blood was likely assuaged when he glimpsed several pictures on the wall of people whose heads appeared to have been bashed in by something resembling a baseball bat... Interesting. Fans of The Walking Dead comics know that this is how Glenn dies at the hands of Negan in the source material — the baseball bat in question is covered in barbed wire and affectionately named "Lucille."

Did Glenn just see the way that he is going to die? Maybe, but in my humble opinion, nobody is safe. However, Twitter certainly thinks this is foreshadowing Glenn's death.

The Walking Dead has hinted at this before with Terminus. I don't know who to trust anymore. However, any hope we had that Negan and Lucille wouldn't kill anyone in the AMC series has officially been dashed. Lucille is coming, and we should all be worried.

Image: Gene Page/AMC