Will 'Just Jillian' Return For Season 2? Jillian Michaels & Heidi Rhoades Deserve More Screen Time

With the first season of Just Jillian coming to an end on Tuesday night, it seems like the show is poised to end with more than a few cliffhangers, particularly whether or not Heidi has convinced Jillian to reconsider her position on marriage. But, will Just Jillian get Season 2 to answer that question and more? Unfortunately, E! hasn't announced anything one way or another — no renewal, but also no cancellation, and since their shows don't adhere to the typical fall schedule, there's no saying how soon fans could even expect to see a new season of Just Jillian. Maybe in this case, no news is good news, though?

There is a chance that E! will determine that the appeal of Just Jillian goes beyond simply its ratings, which have been on the low end, and extends to the appeal of watching the former Biggest Loser coach and fitness guru adapt (at times slowly) to family life. Jillian, Heidi, and their two kids do make an adorable family, and over the course of the initial season, several questions arose that only Season 2 of Just Jillian could possibly answer. So, if the show comes back, here's what fans want to know.

Will Jillian Pop The Question?

It's being teased all over the season finale trailers, and that's because it opens up even more questions. If they get engaged, does that mean a wedding is imminent? Watching Jillian wedding plan would be hilarious.

Can Jillian Propel Her Business To Even More Success?

Jillian's proven to be a wildly successful businesswoman, as one of the most recognizable fitness experts out there, and her unconventional methods of testing out new products and the tough expectations she puts on her team could continue to pay off in the future.

Is There A Single Swear Word That Jillian Won't Use?

Actually, there doesn't need to be a second season to answer that. Short answer: Nope! And, will it ever get less fun to hear her symphony of bleeps? Again: Nope!

Will Nichole Actually Win Jillian's Respect?

Throughout the season, Jillian's assistant Nichole has been the target of some of her toughest teasing, but has laughed it off each time. But, as Nichole gets more experience, I'd love to see her gain even more of Jillian's trust and respect.

How Does Giancarlo Keep It All Together?

Maybe a second season could dive into Giancarlo's role in the company, and even spend some time following him without Jillian to see how he always has his business partner's back.

Will Chloe Find The One?

Watching Jillian set up Chloe is way too fun to hope that Chloe settles down as soon as Season 2 of Just Jillian, but in the case that she does, I definitely want her dating misadventures to continue to be on my TV.

Is There A Family More Fun To Watch As This One?

Even though they might not do things the typical way, Just Jillian Season 1 painted an appealing portrait of the Michaels-Rhoades family, and I hope to see them return to E! for a second season some time later in 2016 or 2017.

Images: Don Flood/E!; Giphy