Bustle's Bianca Consunji On Her Personal Style

As an experienced videographer and journalist, Bianca Consunji has developed a nose for a good story — and an eye for a stunning visual. At Bustle, she's helped us keep up with the diverse demands of our readers (and viewers), whether that means producing short documentaries on thought-provoking subjects or light-and-fizzy videos for the Instagram set. But no matter the project, she approaches each piece with a clear voice and vision. It's hardly a surprise that this same vision translates to her personal style.

Bianca dresses intentionally, which is way more than I can say on an average day. I've seen her do rather physically demanding work (think: moving lights, carrying sandbags and 20-pound backpacks on shoots, embarking on urban hikes in various states) while looking pretty darn good. Even in her "comfortable" clothing, she adds a flourish with smart leather flats, a vintage print, or a chic silk scarf. For office days, she has an enviable supply of perfectly draped, feminine dresses.

Beyond her personal style, I'm intrigued by how good Bianca is at exploring her own city. You know how everyone's always "meaning" to go to that cool art exhibit, riverside park, film festival, or pop-up restaurant? She actually goes! While some people have #goals, she actually achieves hers (no irony or hashtags required).

That's why, in partnership with Nordstrom, I talked to my talented colleague about her visual influences, personal style, and favorite places in New York. Here are some things you need to know about Bianca Consunji.

She's Originally From The Philippines (But Is A Total New Yorker At Heart)

"I'm from Manila. I came here for grad school, got a job right after and never left."

She Lives By A 70-30 Rule

"My closet is 70 percent dresses. A friend described my look as spring/summer all year round, except I add tights for fall/winter. I wear a lot of blacks and grays during the colder months, but when it's warmer outside, it's all pastels and flowing fabrics. I love a little drama in my clothing, and part of it is from working in magazines early in my career. I love bright colors, soft fabrics, and jewelry."

She's Totally On Board With Jumpsuits

"On set, I need to wear things I can move in, so that cuts out pencil skirts or tight shirts. Sometimes I'll wear a dress and tights, and sometimes, jeans and an oxford shirt. I'm a big fan of jumpsuits; I think I have five black ones. I'll often incorporate a scarf to liven up something plain."

Her Style Is About Comfort, Ease ... And Leaving Room For A Burger

"If I'm getting dinner with my boyfriend or getting drinks with friends, I'll wear something soft and airy, or a dark dress with a swipe of red lipstick. Hair down all the way. I left behind super-tight clothes in my early 20s; I want to be able to eat a burger and have a cocktail without feeling self-conscious."

She Likes To Get Into Character

"I like books and movies, and sometimes I feel like dressing out of a character in them. One of my favorite visual pegs is Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette; sometimes I borrow elements from a painting, like a Degas dancer."

She's Willing To Forgo Practicality For Playfulness...

"I have loved tulle skirts since I was a child. I know they're not entirely practical, but I can't resist how pretty they are. I paired it with a crop top splashed with bright colors, and nude heels. "

...But She Knows When To Dress It Down

"I wear a lot of striped cotton shirts and full skirts or shorts. Something very feminine that I can move around in, because I don't want to tug at a too-short dress. If I'm doing something outdoorsy, then I'll wear something that I can get dirty, like jeans and a tank top."

She Has Lofty Goals (In More Ways Than One)

"My boyfriend and I are trying to get to the top of the tallest buildings in New York, so it's always amazing whenever we cross another one off the list."

"I'd also like to publish a fiction book, hike up three major mountains, and grow the Bustle video team so we can create meaningful and successful work."

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Images: Lauren Perlstein; Bianca Consunji / Instagram (2)