John Oliver Talks Donald Trump's Little Drumpf & The Imploding Race For The GOP Nomination — VIDEO

On last Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver revisited Donald Trump, because it seems his Drumpf campaign hasn't quite gone the way he planned. "It would appear Republican voters — for the time being — have not decided to make Donald Drumpf again," Oliver said, going on to add the hashtag #makedonalddrumpfagain, the campaign he started which took the Internet and liberal America by storm.

After staying mum on Trump all campaign season, last week, Oliver took the presidential candidate to task over all sorts of lies and hypocrisy. With the addition of this most recent episode, it seems that Oliver will be staying quiet no more — even if this time around he widens his target to include the other GOP candidates, like Marco Rubio. Oliver played a video clip of Rubio making a joke about Trump's small hands, talking about how, as Trump continued to roll in the votes, the other Republican contenders spent the week "seeming increasingly desperate."

Then it was back to Trump, though, who defended the, um, size of his genitals at the GOP debate on Thursday. "That's right," Oliver commented, "Donald Trump just talked about his dick during a presidential debate. A dick which I presume looks like a Cheeto with the cheese dust rubbed off," adding the Trump-style non-qualifier: "I presume. That's a guess."

This segued into a reading from For Love Alone, a book by Trump's ex-wife Ivana, which Oliver called a thinly-veiled account of her marriage to The Donald. You'll have to watch the video for that one.

Oliver also went over how the Republican Party is rejecting Trump as a possible nominee "like a transplanted organ." Elected politicians and party officials are working overtime to keep Trump from winning. As Oliver put it, "to kill an organ, you need white blood cells, and the GOP called up the whitest blood cell of them all." That would be Mitt Romney, who gave a press conference last Thursday in which he called on voters to reject Trump.

A chorus of GOP leaders were then shown denouncing Trump, one of whom called a potential Trump nomination an "abortion on the party." Oliver picked fun at the use of language. "Holy shit!" Oliver said. "You know [the Republicans] are getting desperate when they're throwing in their favorite buzzwords. He won't just be an abortion. He'll be a sharia law wrapped in a Benghazi-themed gay wedding."

He didn't stop there, though. It would appear that Republicans winning local races make Trump look great. They can't seem to stop talking about genitals, either. So prepare yourself. It seems like Oliver's going to take on the 2016 election until November — or at least until Trump is no longer a candidate. Whichever comes first.

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