Britney Spears' Makeup Free Instagram Selfie Is Rad For This Reason — PHOTO

The paparazzi often catches celebs bare-faced and on Starbucks runs or running errands without a drop of product on their visage. Yes, that is often the case for one of my (and your) fave pop stars. But Britney Spears posted a no makeup selfie and she not only took the power back from intrusive photographers that chase her around in public. The singer also showed a majorly precious side of herself. Why is Brit Brit's makeup-free Instagram selfie so special, besides the fact that she displayed her natural prettiness?

It's rad because she was snuggling in bed with her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Sure, it's always refreshing to see a bare-faced Brit, especially after her '00s reminiscent V cover. But this is a major pop star in full-on mom mode, with her boys, being a normal, happy, and healthy parent. It's our window into her "regular" life.

At 34, Spears remains a sexpot and one of the most famous and most photographed women in the world. It's almost easy to forget just how pretty her features are when you think of her red latex catsuit form the "Oops!... I Did It Again" video or her infamous "It's Britney... bitch" utterance.

But when those features are on display while at peace with her precious sons, they become the focal point.

This selfie pretty much sums up all your feels about Spears, right? She is stunning. She is sweet. She is still a down home Southern girl at heart. And she still loves that effortlessly messy bun sitting atop her pretty head. It's a reminder summer and bedhead bun season are on the horizon, y'all.

Brit Brit often posts the no makeup "mom" selfie. She rocked sunnies with her bun and while picking her boys up from school.

In case you needed a reminder of Spears' inarguable sexiness, check her out with smoky eyes, pale lips, and a come hither stare in her residency promo flyer. She truly is the best of both worlds, isn't she?

But her latest no makeup selfie is presh because it shows her in mom mode. She is a source of inspo for young moms. Who needs makeup when you can have this sort of natural glow and joy?

Images: Britney Spears/Instagram (3)