'Gossip Girl' Author Has A New Book Coming!

by Emma Cueto

Big news for Gossip Girl fans. Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar has a new book deal, according to Publishers Weekly. And it's for a YA novel, called Dark Horses. So if you've been waiting for von Ziegesar to return to the YA scene, your wait is almost over!

Cecily von Ziegesar published the first book in her bestselling Gossip Girl series (which has also been made into a popular teen television show by the same name) in 2002. The series was an instant hit, and also spawned a prequel, a spin-off novel, and two spin-off book series, It Girl and Gossip Girl: The Carlyles, although both series were either ghost-written or penned by another author. Von Zigesar herself published another book, Cum Laude, in 2011, but although the book was intended as part of a trilogy, the follow ups never appeared. And since then, von Ziegesar hasn't published any new fiction. Until now.

According to Publishers Weekly, her new novel, Dark Horses, was pitched as a cross between Black Beauty and The Breakfast Club, which sounds intriguing to say the least. After all, those aren't titles I tend to associate either with one another or with Gossip Girl. The novel apparently focuses on the friendship between a teenage girl and a failed racehorse while at an equine therapy camp. All of which definitely has my interest piqued. Based on this brief description, the novel could be in the grand tradition of Gossip Girl — stories about elite teens whose lives are filled with both high school drama and much more adult issues — or it could be something very new for von Ziegesar, both of with are very exciting prospects.

Further details on the novel are still scarce, but word is it's scheduled for release this September. So whatever the deal is with this new novel it doesn't sound like you'll have to be waiting much longer to find out.


Image: Warner Bros, The CW