These Are The 9 Best Deleted Tweets From Bernie Sanders

This presidential election season has been entertaining, to say the least, thanks to characters like Donald Trump and social media sites like Twitter. Not only do we get to witness what the candidates say during debates and town halls broadcast live, but we also have access to the more "personal" thoughts they tweet to their followers. As any Millennial worth their salt knows, even if you delete something that you posted online, it never really disappears. And yes, that still applies to presidential candidates. The Hill reports that since January, Bernie Sanders has allegedly deleted 58 tweets, according to data compiled by Politwoops. Sanders has deleted more tweets than any other candidate, and some of them are pretty shocking.

Sanders mostly deleted retweets of other users' tweets, and typically did so one minute after posting them. Politwoops, an archival website which catalogs U.S. politicians' deleted tweets, revealed how many and what type of tweets each candidate has removed from their account since January. You can search the archives by state, position, and political party, and the deleted tweets appear as they were originally sent. Each result also shows the time elapsed between the posting of each tweet and its deletion, as well as whether it was sent via mobile device or through a computer.

John Kasich wasn't far behind Sanders. He has reportedly deleted 31 tweets over the last two months, and Trump has deleted 28 tweets. From questionable retweets to misspellings to attacks on other candidates, these are some of Sanders' best deleted tweets since January.

Tweets About Hillary Clinton

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

During the Democratic Debate hosted in Flint, Michigan, the city's water crisis was an important topic of discussion. After the debate, Sanders' account subtweeted his opponent Hillary Clinton, attacking her on policy positions regarding fracking. In one tweet from the @BernieSanders account (as opposed to his @SenSanders account) he accused Clinton of being a hypocrite. He then reportedly deleted it four minutes after it went up. He allegedly wrote:

If you care about clean water in Flint, how can you turn around and support fracking? #DemDebate

On Feb. 16, Clinton tweeted a message about candidates' responsibility to see things realistically, rather than subjectively.

In response, Sanders linked directly to this tweet with a quote from Robert F. Kennedy. However, similarly to the above case, Sanders seem to have deleted this tweet after only four minutes. He supposedly wrote from his @BernieSanders account:

"Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?” - RFK

Tweets Attacking Big Banks

Throughout his campaign, Sanders has remained dedicated to tearing down Wall Street and the big banks of the U.S. He's criticized Clinton for her Wall Street connections, and many of his deleted tweets attack the problem with finance and the distribution of money from these banks. In response to the tweet above, @BernieSanders tweeted about his policy on raising the minimum wage. However, this tweet was apparently deleted nine seconds after he sent it:

$15 and a union - a phrase that won't be heard in tonight’s debate. That’s why we organize.

Similarly, Sanders released a video in February in which he stated that he wants to "make banking boring again." The accompanying tweet which @BernieSanders sent was allegedly deleted after five minutes.

Banking should help our communities, not be an island unto itself, benefiting only the wealthy.

Perhaps his most controversial tweet about Wall Street listed four adjectives which he said are commonly used to describe the big banks. Surprisingly, this wasn't deleted until five hours after @BernieSanders sent it out to his followers, so maybe his press secretary advised him to take it down.

Greed, fraud, dishonesty, arrogance. These are just some of the adjectives we use to describe Wall Street.

Questionable Retweets

On Feb. 8, Sanders retweeted the above tweet to his followers. It was reportedly deleted after only two seconds. At first glance, the message seems positive for Sanders. It says that he will unite the country, rather than divide it like some of the Republicans. However, the accompanying photo posted by @ArizonaSanders shows an image of a woman who is supposed to be Clinton with one arm raised in the air in what looks like a Nazi salute. It's not a good idea for Sanders to promote that image, which is likely why he deleted the retweet so quickly.

Remember when Killer Mike made a controversial comment about a uterus and Clinton when he introduced Sanders at an event? Turns out that @BernieSanders retweeted an ABC News reporter who tweeted about Killer Mike's introduction.

RT @maryaliceparks: .@KillerMike intro'ing @BernieSanders @Morehouse says,"he wants to help u understand plight of black man in america"

Tweeting About Film, And The Misspelling Of A Famous Musician's Name

After Spike Lee endorsed him, a tweet from Sanders existed briefly (for reportedly 19 seconds) in which the presidential hopeful quoted Lee. It's not a controversial tweet, so it's unclear why he deleted it so quickly. Maybe he meant "he will do the right thing" instead of "we," but it's not clear.

"When Bernie gets to the White House, we will do the right thing. No flipping, no flopping." - @SpikeLee

After visiting the Woody Guthrie Center in Oklahoma, Sanders' webpage posted photos from his trip. In an attempt to publicize this, and to connect Guthrie's song "This Land Is Your Land" to his own presidential message, Sanders tweeted about the lyrics and their representation of middle-class life. However, it took Sanders and his team almost an hour to realize the egregious misspelling of Guthrie's name, which I'm guessing prompted Sanders to delete this tweet:

Woodie Guthrie is one of the greatest musicians in history. His songs spoke to the reality of working-class life.