Kenan Thompson's Gonna Be A Dad!

2013 seems to have been a good year or so for the personal lives of the dudes of Saturday Night Live: Seth Meyers got married this summer to Alexi Ashe; Andy Samberg followed suit by marrying Joanna Newsom this fall. Now Kenan Thompson and wife Christina Evangeline are pregnant.

Here's to hoping that Thompson and Evangeline's bouncing baby progeny is as talented and successful as her comedian father — and with less of an instinct towards claiming a whole race of comedians just "aren't ready" for SNL.

Snark aside (we're just still a little bitter), though, we're happy for the pair and their new destiny as a trio — according to TMZ Thompson and Evangeline have been trying to get pregnant for a long while now, so here's a hearty congratulations to the couple for their success. Evangeline is four months pregnant. This will be the first child for both of them, and it's being reported that the unborn kid's sex is already known (it's a girl).

Thompson and Evangeline — who reportedly works as a model — got married in November 2011. November 11th, 2011, to be exact (11-11-11), in Atlanta. Sadly it seems unlikely their baby will be born on a 14-14-14.