These '10 Cloverfield Lane' Spoilers Are Crazy

10 Cloverfield Lane might be one of the most secretive movies in Hollywood memory. Sure, Star Wars: The Force Awakens had plot details kept under lock and key, but images from the film, trailers and sneak peeks were everywhere. With 10 Cloverfield Lane , though, produced by TFA director JJ Abrams, there's been very little pre-release marketing. In fact, audiences didn't even know the movie existed until a few months ago, and only a few trailers have been released, keeping the plot and the film's connection to 2008's equally secretive Cloverfield a mystery. As you can imagine, stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, and John Gallagher Jr. have remained tight-lipped when doing press, so when Winstead spoke to Bustle about the movie, she made sure not to give away any big secrets. Still, just because she didn't say anything specific doesn't mean she didn't give anything away, and a few 10 Cloverfield Lane spoilers may have managed to sneak through.

For most fans, finding a few good spoilers before a film's release is as intense as obsessing over one's OTP or watching movies repeatedly for Easter eggs. With a film like 10 Cloverfield Lane, there is no such thing as too many spoilers for curious viewers. And while Winstead says she loves how passionate the fanbase for Cloverfield is, she also hopes that fans will get to see her new film with fresh eyes. "Every little bit that I give away, I feel like I'm hurting that person's experience just a little bit," Winstead says. With that in mind, here are seven 10 Clovefield Lane spoilers, as well as a few other exciting new details.

1. Michelle (Probably) Lives

When asked if she would be game to return to the Cloverfield franchise, Winstead didn't skip a beat. "I absolutely would," she tells Bustle. "If this story continued I would be more than happy to continue to carry the torch for Michelle." Before you start thinking that Winstead's willingness to return for another round of Cloverfield means that her character, Michelle, survives the movie, keep in mind that the two Cloverfield films are, thus far, not explicitly connected through characters, plot or even camera style. Winstead could come back in a prequel, sequel, or as a brand new character.

2. It's An Action-Heavy Film

Playing Michelle, according to Winstead, required a lot of "kicking and screaming and punching and flailing and scratching." This suggests that Michelle spends some time fighting with her fellow bunker-residents, captor Howard (Goodman) and Emmett (Gallagher Jr.). I guess it's not all peace and love when you're three people stuck in a bunker.

3. Board Games Are Played

This isn't exactly a huge spoiler. After all, the first trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane showed the three actors playing a game of Life, but Winstead reveals that one of her favorite scenes to film was one in which they were playing a game and Howard calls Michelle a Princess instead of a woman. "I just thought it was so creepy and hilarious when he calls me 'Little Princess,'" Winstead recalls.

4. Howard Owns The Bunker

In case you had any doubts, the creepy bunker Michelle wakes up in at the beginning of the film belongs to, and was designed by, Howard. The bunker is filled with things that shed light onto Howard's personality, which Winstead says she and her castmates liked to explore in-between takes. "It was pretty fascinating just to see how the production designers had thought out this character of Howard and exactly everything this character would have in his bunker," she says.

5. Cannibal Airlines Plays A Part

Speaking of the bunker, one thing there is a VHS of a movie titled Cannibal Airlines, which Winstead thinks was created just for the movie. "We could really spend hours in there during our off time just like, reading all the books and looking at the videos," she says of the bunker set.

6. Michelle Fights Back

Don't expect Michelle to be sitting on the sidelines. Winstead says that from the very first moment in the film, Michelle is fighting for survival: "The first time you see her in this cell, she's immediately trying to figure out how to get out. And she's very good at [it]."

7. It's Not Your Typical Horror Movie

"When I watch it, I don't feel like it's the typical horror movie, sort of, girl in distress," Winstead says. Michelle is not your everyday female character, and that's a good thing.

Those may not be the craziest of spoilers, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering the mystery surrounding this movie. One big thing Winstead did reveal, though? 10 Cloverfield Lane is "going to be a thrill ride" — and one probably best experienced (mostly) spoiler-free.

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