How To Straighten Curly Hair — VIDEO

When I was a kid, I hated having my hair styled. Most mornings, my mom found herself at the losing end of the hairbrush, so my standard look was wild, uncombed, wavy hair, with a perfunctory plastic clip (just to say we tried). On days I cooperated, we were able to tame my hair into submission with a simple detangler, a round brush, and a hair dryer. That easy styling routine ended at age 13, when I was "blessed" with the gift of super-curly hair. This meant I had two options: rock a trifecta of curly bangs, braces, and crunchy hair gel, or try to get my curly hair straight at all costs. To achieve straight hair, I used steam irons, metal flatirons, and all manner of oils and potions, only to end up with a fried, triangular 'do.

What I've learned the hard way is that everything comes down to product and technique. Thanks to years of experimentation, I've mastered a simple wash-and-go routine for my curly hair. As for straight hair — well, let's just say that my fear of heat-styling is well-founded. I'd love to add some versatility to my usual routine, but I'm still wary of the at-home blowout.

Happily, we partnered with Schwarzkopf Hair Care to help me get over my fears. Thanks to Schwarzkopf stylist Richard Collins, I learned that getting straight hair isn't about burning your hair into submission; it's about being methodical with your blowdryer and mindful of your products. (Also: sectioning! Sectioning is very important.)

With a few turns of the wrist, a few dabs of the right product, and a healthy assist from Richard, I was able to achieve the sleek, straight hair with minimal fuss.

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