9 Fashion Truths That Every West Coast Girl Gets

There's a reason why West Coast style is so often imitated, and it's because of one key word: "effortless." Much to everyone's envy, West Coast girls seem to have a lock on easy, eternal-summer vibes. Whether they're rocking artfully tousled hair or wearing denim cutoffs and actually looking chic, Californians seem to be experts at putting together casual looks that can go practically anywhere.

This sense of style isn't just relegated to beach types, either. Even as you travel inland (and up the coast), you'll find that the perfect mix of done-up and dressed-down isn't just a SoCal thing. In a place like Folsom, desert climates, a bustling city, and a wealth of natural beauty means that you'll need versatility. In other words, you'll want your outfit to take you from the bike trails to a night out — and beyond.

We've partnered with Nordstrom Rack to take a lesson from West Coasters and prove that fashion isn't meant to be complicated. True to the free spirit of California, fashion is meant to be easy, fun— and yes —effortless. With that in mind, here are nine fashion truths that every West Coast girl understands.

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1. Sandals Are A Year-Round Staple

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This is a no-brainer. When the weather's this good, why bother with closed-toe shoes?

2. Anything Below 70 Is Definitely Scarf Weather

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Even if East Coasters might scoff at the idea of wearing a scarf in 60-degree weather, you know that it's the key to staying warm after sundown — and looking chic.

3. Layering Is Key, Especially On Those In-Between Days

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Is there anything that NorCal girls like more than a windbreaker and plaid combo? Layering is the key to navigating sunny, warm days and cool nights in style.

4. Hiking Outfits > Gym Outfits

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California comes with a major perk: exercising never has to be indoors. While West Coast girls love their athleisure, they're more likely to hit a hiking trail with some friends than an indoor treadmill. Plus, a cool windbreaker and cute sneakers can take you far beyond your workout.

5. A Cute (And Functional!) Backpack Is Essential

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With all of the adventures you'll be having, you'll need your hands free. Ditch the frou-frou purses for a functional (but totally stylish) backpack.

6. Big, Drapey Sweaters + Cutoffs = A Totally Acceptable Outfit

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West Coast girls know how to mix high and low, whether they're dressing down an outfit with the perfect plaid shirt or simply dressing for the unpredictable weather. While this drapey sweater totally works with skinny jeans for night, you can throw it over your cutoffs for an effortlessly cool daytime look.

7. You Love Your Boots, Even If The Weather Doesn't Always Require Them

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Boots aren't just for cold-weather climates; from rugged lace-up styles to chic ankle booties, the perfect pair can cover all of your bases, rain or shine.

8. A Chic Moto Jacket Is The Only Kind You'll Ever Need

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Whether you're brunching in distressed denim and your favorite tee or night out over a mini dress, the perfect moto jacket is the perfect finishing touch. In a climate that rarely dips below 65 degrees, this is the beginning and end of your winter wardrobe.

9. Sunglasses Are Absolutely Essential, No Matter The Season

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What's a California girl without her sunnies? This pair adds a retro twist to classic tortoiseshell.

See? I told you it would be easy.

Images: teksomolika / Fotolia (1); Nordstrom Rack (9)